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25 Favorite and Best Coloring Books for Kids, Teens and Adults!

From national parks to mermaids, these coloring books make great gifts and are perfect for relaxing and family fun!

Yippee Kawaii Yay Mandala Magic coloring book Etsy

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Well, we've always enjoyed coloring books and just like watching a movie or having a game night, they're a fun way to relax!

Whether you like to color solo or spend time with friends and family, coloring is always in style!

25 Best coloring books for kids teens and adults

I remember as a kid the absolute joy of opening up a coloring book and deciding on which page to turn into my latest coloring masterpiece!

The best was when there was a brand new box of crayons with sharpened points in the house, just waiting to bring my imagination to life! Every page in a coloring book was filled with potential and so many options!

Best coloring books for kids, teens, adults Manga Mermaids

Whether it was coloring in the images with a light shading or pressing harder to get a fully saturated look, the satisfaction that came with the finished project was just as fabulous as the fun and creative thought that went along with the process!

Coloring books have really evolved over time to include options for older kids, teens and adults! We typically have at least two coloring books on or near our dining room table and ready for a spur of the moment relaxation break!

Well, here we've put together a variety of coloring books that will appeal to all ages!

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The Best Coloring Books for Kids, Teens and Adults

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Cities Houses Castles Coloring Book best coloring books for all ages

This Cities, Houses, Castles coloring book is a beautifully illustrated choice that was created with adults in mind.

In addition to adults, older kids and teens who are interested in art and architecture will most definitely find this hand-drawn coloring book a very tempting option!

The Art of the National Parks Coloring Book for kids adults

The Art of the National Parks coloring book is an absolutely stunning addition to our list! The coloring pages are based on the WPA posters of the 1930's and are rich with detail.

Every page highlights a different national park whose art was contributed by some of the world's foremost contemporary artists!

One of our very favorite parts to this gorgeous book are the full color original images of the WPA posters at the back of the book. The images are absolutely stunning!

Art of National Parks coloring book for kids teens adults

Here's why we absolutely loved this National Parks coloring book:

  • High quality pages and cover (heavier weight)

  • Descriptions included for each park (great learning resource!)

  • Includes all 63 United States National Parks

  • Full color original images at the back of the book

  • Beautiful, gift-worthy book

Marvel Avenger superheroes are more popular now than ever and this 96 page coloring book is a fabulous pick for your Marvel superhero fan!

Whether you're looking for a gift or just a fun screen-free activity, this Marvel Avengers Coloring book (with stickers!) is sure to be a hit!

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4. Wildlife Wonders

Millie Marotta

Millie Marotta Wildlife Wonders coloring books for teens and adults

I can personally attest to the relaxing factor after filling in the intricate details and patterns that await within the pages of these Wonders coloring books!

Fans of nature will adore all of the books in this series! Whether you're seeking an Island Escape, love Beautiful Birds or Secrets of the Sea, there are plenty to choose from!

Click to see more of Millie Marotta's amazing nature-inspired illustrated coloring books!

25 Books with boys as main characters

Pusheen Coloring Book cat best coloring books

There’s just something about this fun, round tabby cat that puts a smile on everyone's face!

If you prefer your Pusheen full-sized, then this (above) Pusheen Coloring Book is the purrfect choice!!

We have the Mini Pusheen Coloring Book on our table as we speak and really appreciate the tear-out pages!

Mini Pusheen cat Coloring Book 15 Best Coloring Books

Cat lovers will welcome these Pusheen Coloring Books into their collection and have plenty of fun coloring in the pages featuring this whimsical kitty!

For all things Pusheen, see the latest here!

Amazon audible trial Barack Obama Nora Roberts

Crayola City Escapes Coloring Book for teens and adults and kids

Love to travel? From New York to Amsterdam and London (just to name a few!), this City Escapes coloring book by Crayola is an absolute arm-traveling delight!

Each page highlights a world class city and features places and elements that each city is known for!

This City Escapes coloring book is also a fabulous way to introduce kids to different cultures and makes the perfect addition to a homeschool curriculum or screen-free activity!

7. The Original Reverse Coloring Books

by H.A. Rey

Reverse Coloring Book Through the Seasons Workman Publishing

Have an artist that is looking for a change from coloring inside the lines? Then, these Original Reverse Coloring Books are just the thing!

The beautifully hued pages will inspire you to pick up a Le Pen and create the image that comes to mind! Where some see florals, others will see people or animals.

The Reverse Coloring Book Kendra Norton  25 best coloring books for teens kids and adults

Create scenes or doodles using the brilliantly colored pages for inspiration!

These Reverse Coloring Books make great gifts and are terrific for being creative or relaxing while sipping your favorite beverage!

Reverse Coloring Book Workman Publsihing

8. Disney Villains

Disney Villains Art of Coloring Book 25 coloring books for kids, teens, adults

Art of Coloring: Disney Villains are here to add some crafty and cunning flare to your coloring book collection!

These fun and devious pieces of art is an extra good idea for Disney fans and of course, Halloween!

Magical, intricate designs and illustrations of your favorite villain characters will make this an instant classic!

Love fairy tales? Check out our Best Fairy Tales Series with a Twist post!

Scoop the Ice Cream truck book for boys and girls

Fans of Disney and Pixar will love the Cars Max Throttle Coloring Book!

This fan favorite also has bonus activities to go along Lightning McQueen, Mater and all of the other Cars stars from all three Disney Cars movies!

Totally 90s coloring book etsy best for kids, teens, adults

If Chunky cell phones, butterfly clips and pop culture from the '90s is your thing, this is a super fun choice!

Whether you lived through it and want to walk down memory lane or know a younger artist who loves vintage, this Totally '90s Coloring Book is a blast!

11. Sweet Treats Coloring Book

Sweet Treats Coloring Book

Got a sweet tooth? Love to indulge in a little coloring while you make some hot chocolate or nibble on a cake-pop? Well, then this Sweet Treats option is the coloring book for you!

Ice cream best coloring books for kids teens adults

Filled with illustrations of every yummy confection you could want, bring these delightful desserts to life with your Sweet Treat Coloring Book!

If you love ice cream or frozen desserts as much as we do, check out our FREE printable ice Cream Club Bingo!

Ice Cream club bingo Free Printable

12. Worlds of Wonder: A Coloring Book for the Curious

by Johanna Basford

The Ice Cream Kid Brain Freeze book for boys and girls

We absolutely adore this Worlds of Wonder coloring book! There is so much to look at and the intricate illustrations will definitely captivate your artist!

Whether you know a tween, teen or adult who enjoys coloring, this book will appeal to all who enjoy details and imaginative things and places!

Cenzia has put it at the top of her Christmas wish list!

Ice Cream Soup book Penguin Young Readers for boys and girls

A fun coloring book for the younger unicorn fan, Unicorn Coloring Book has 101 illustrations that kids love!

Paint by Sticker Unicorns  mess free coloring book for kids

This Paint by Sticker Kids Unicorns & Magic book is another great option for unicorn fans!

by Megan Atwood

Ice Cream Summer by Megan Atwood An Orchard Novel book cover with kids

Dinosaurs are fascinating and paleontologists are continually finding out more about them! Movies such as Jurassic Park have given us one picture of their appearance, but science continues to find out more about what they really looked like!

Well, this Dinosaur coloring book for kids is the perfect opportunity for your future paleontologist to find out more and let their imagination run wild!

Red T-Rex? Sure! Turquoise stegosaurus? Absolutely! Be bold and get creative with this Dinosaur Coloring Book!

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I am confident brave and beautiful coloring book for girls

With more than 32,000 five star reviews, readers agree that I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls is a must-have!

Uplifting and engaging, this fabulous coloring book is filled with positive messages to build girls' self-esteem and enjoy creating in the process!

With more than 32,000 5-star reviews, this book makes a great gift too!

Harry Potter coloring book with Hedwig, elf and phoenix

Have a fan of Harry Potter in the house? This Harry Potter Coloring Book is filled with magical inspiration and detailed images that are will provide hours of artistic fun!

Yippee Kawaii Yay Mandala Magic Volume one coloring book

Original Kawaii style Mandala art makes this unique premium coloring book a super fun choice!

A lay-flat design, heavy stock paper (perfect for framing!) and a variety of detailed levels add to the gift-worthiness of this Yippee Kawaii Yay Mandala Magic coloring book!

Here's another super cute Kawaii Coloring Book that has 5 star reviews!

Best coloring books for kids teens and adults Kawaii

Reviewers love the cute, fun designs that are easy to color!

18. Mermaid Coloring Book

Milk to Ice Cream book for boys and girls science

There are great mermaid coloring books for kids of all ages! The above Mermaid Coloring Book has sweet images that the younger set will adore!

The below Pop Manga Mermaids and Other Sea Creatures coloring book by Camilla d'Errico is a feast for the eyes! Gorgeous illustrations beg to be colored in and manga artists will love the stylistic images!

pop manga mermaids and other sea creatures coloring book by Camilla d'enrico

Visit our Mermaid Book Feature for a fabulous book by Jan Brett and fun mermaid craft!!

Mermaid Craft book feature by Jan Brett

19. Notebook Doodles: Super Cute Animal Coloring Book

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream & Dessert Book with Ice Cream recipes and fun details about Ben and Jerry

If you're looking for a lighthearted option for coloring, these super cute Doodle Notebooks are fabulous!

Sweets and Treats Notebook Doodles coloring and activity book

Chock full with adorable illustrations begging to be brightened by your skillful coloring, these Super Cute Notebook Doodles will instantly cheer your day!

home sweet home coloring book for teens and adults Etsy

We just adored the artwork in this Home Sweet Home coloring book!

Filled with relaxing and homey coloring book art, you can just feel the relaxing vibe as you color the pages! See more of the gorgeous coloring book here!

21. 100 Animals for Toddlers Coloring Book

100 Animals for Toddler Coloring Book Learning Activity preschool

Have a younger kid who loves animals? My First Big Book of Animals Coloring is a fun way to learn their ABC's while getting acquainted with animals!

There is only one image per page, so no bleed through which is a big plus for coloring books!

Paint by Sticker zoo animals best coloring books for all ages

If you are looking for something a little different, then you will definitely love the Paint by Sticker books!

With plenty to choose from, these books are so much fun! Each themed book has plenty of pages with mosaic-style stickers to 'paint' in the pictures!

Paint by Sticker has books for kids like this Unicorn book and for adults (we have this Travel one) so there are different levels to find the right book for your artist!

Baby Shark Mess Free Coloring book for kids activities

If you are looking for a fun coloring book for a younger artist, but really want to avoid a lot of prep or clean up, these Color Wonder books are the perfect choice!

All you need is water and a brush to magically transform the blank page into a colorful one!

Color Wonder coloring books are also a good choice for the car or if kids are headed to the grandparents' house! No worries about spilled paint or missing crayons or markers getting on the furniture!

Disney Dreams collection Thomas Kinkade studios coloring book

The Thomas Kinkade Studio has created a gorgeous collection that pairs perfectly with Disney characters!

This Disney Dreams Collection Coloring Book is a fabulous choice for coloring enthusiasts who love Disney and also appreciate Thomas Kinkade's distinctive artistic style!

Creative haven dazzling dogs coloring book

Creative Haven has a bunch of these super cute, super fun coloring books!

Featuring a fabulous collection of coloring books that range from Mandala patterns, Tiffany stained glass, Mexican Folk Art, Art Nouveau, Steam Punk and more, Creative Haven has a coloring book for every interest!

We adore all of the Creative Haven dog coloring books; it was difficult to choose one to feature! From Playful Puppies to Dogs Color by Number, there are plenty to enjoy!

coloring book dogs Creative Haven dazzling Dogs for kids, teens, adults

There you have it! 25 of our Favorite and Best Coloring Books!

Be sure to PIN this post so you can return to it later for more inspiration!

25 coloring books for kids, teens and adults, unicorn

Know some other coloring book enthusiasts? We would love it if you'd share!

Tag us @mykidzbookshelf with your completed masterpiece!

Happy Coloring!

April & Cenzia

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updated 07/25/2023 Originally published 10/12/2022


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