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Top 10 Young Adult Books Your Teen Won't Be Able to Put Down!

Fast paced and entertaining, these teen books are winners!

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There are plenty of terrific YA books out there, so narrowing the list down took some effort!

Whether your teen goes in for action, mystery, fantasy or romance, this list has it all!

FYI: While choosing books for this book list, we made sure to include books that were both quick enough to fly through, and of course, great reads regardless of page count!



1. Little White Lies

by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


Sawyer Taft is a girl whose grandmother offers her a very tempting deal- as long as Sawyer agrees to become a debutante, that is!

Nevertheless, convinced to go through with it, Sawyer is thrust into the world of high society and finds it filled with more secrets and surprises than she ever imagined!

Witty writing and a twist-filled mystery will keep you reading Little White Lies and enjoying every minute!


2. Superman: Dawnbreaker

by Matt De La Peña


Okay, I've always been a superhero fan even when my friends were into everything but superheroes as a kid!

They were cool, interesting, different and special! Everything I wanted to be! Everything I still want to be!

I thought Superman: Dawnbreaker was really entertaining and well-written by an incredible author and I really enjoyed it!

Clark Kent is facing all of the challenges your typical teen deals with. Add to that his developing powers, finding out he's not from this planet and solving Smallville's missing persons mystery and this is not your average coming-of-age story!

If you like superheroes, you'll thoroughly enjoy this 4th installment to the best-selling DC Icons Series!


3. The Hunger Games

by Suzanne Collins


Every year, each of the twelve districts in Panem must send one girl and one boy to compete in the Hunger Games.

The Games is a televised competition established by the Capitol in which only one contestant survives: the winner.

Sixteen-year-old Katniss Everdeen unexpectedly finds herself among the competitors and knows the chances are slim.

With a compelling heroine and a vicious competition, The Hunger Games is an unforgettable book you'll be racing to finish!



4. Peak

by Roland Smith


A fantastic read! After getting into trouble, 14-year-old Peak Marcello is given a choice. It's either heading off to juvenile detention or go live with his dad who runs a climbing company in Thailand.

The teen with attitude makes his choice and gets recruited by his dad to climb Mt. Everest!

With amazing details and descriptive writing this is an excellent book for those who go in for adventure! Peak is sure to keep you cool in the summer heat!

Enjoyed Peak? There are two follow up books in the Peak Marcello Adventures! Ascent and Descent that will keep your cup filled with adventure and page-turning excitement!

Roland Smith is the author of more than 20 novels, a New York Times bestselling author and also both a former zoo curator and research biologist!

His books are filled with action, adventure and every necessary ingredient that will keep the pages turning!


5. The Angel Experiment

by James Patterson


They have wings, they can fly and they've got each other's backs!

Max is the leader of the flock - a group of kids that were genetic experiments and have banded together to find a missing member, get answers and stay alive!

A best-selling fantasy series Maximum Ride has plenty of action and appeals to a wide range of audiences-most notably-teens!



6. I Know What You Did Last Summer

by Lois Duncan


A suspenseful, psychological thriller centering around four friends who made a pact never to reveal the thing they did one summer night.

After the accident, Julie, Ray, Helen and Barry swore they would try to act like it never happened, and now, a year later, they almost have. Then, Julie receives a haunting letter with the message: "I know what you did last summer."

I Know What You Did Last Summer is destined to have you at the edge of your seat, this deliciously cunning novel will have your full attention from the first word to the final page!


7. The Selection

by Kiera Cass


In the caste-divided nation of Illa, the Selection is the ultimate chance for young women to win the heart of the crown prince and have their lives transformed forever.

Though for America Singer, one of the Selected, it means competing for a life and crown she's not at all certain she wants!

A glamorous, romantic read, The Selection Series is perfect for those who love fairy tales- and competitions!



8. Alex Rider - Stormbreaker

by Anthony Horowitz


Terrific book (and series!) for all those who love spies and adventure!

Perfect for last minute summer reading with a quick pace and hold-your-breath moments Stormbreaker will have you glued to the book and turning the pages!

Think a young Tom Cruise - Mission Impossible, but British!

Click here for some fun things to do and cool ideas to go along with Stormbreaker!


9. 13 Little Blue Envelopes

by Maureen Johnson

If you like books that involve road trips or journeys, you'll love 13 Little Blue Envelopes!


I've always loved a good 'road-trip' book! Whether it's Dorothy on the way to Oz or Percy Jackson looking for that lightning bolt, there's just something extra special about the journey!

Well, 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson is one of those books!

One by one, Ginny Blackstone opens the 13 blue envelopes, each with an enclosed task -some specific, some open to interpretation.

Each task serves as a guide in this quirky, but entertaining road trip adventure that will have you reaching for the sequel, The Last Little Blue Envelope the minute you finish the book!

Sequel: The Last Little Blue Envelope


10. The Uglies

by Scott Westerfield


Tally is on the edge of turning sixteen, the age she has to be in order to get the operation that turns her from a less than average 'Ugly,' into an enviable 'Pretty.

This doesn't go as planned however, when Tally's new friend runs away, and Tally is forced to make a decision that opens her eyes to all that being a Pretty really means!

A futuristic read that has a clever concept and plenty to think about, The Uglies is a great choice for a summer page turner!

If you like The Uglies, be sure to read the rest of the Trilogy!


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We hope you found some helpful titles! Have one to recommend? Tell us in the comments below!


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