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10+ Best Fairy Tale Books And Series With A Twist!

Fabulous, fun reads for kids & teens that re-imagine your favorite fairy tales!

10+ Best Fairy Tales Books and Series Fairy tales with a twist

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We all love a good fairy tale! The good-versus evil, happily ever afters, quests and romances are all of the things that make these classic stories so enjoyable!

From the whimsical fairies to the cunning witches, fairy tales are timeless! If you've read some of these stories and know them like the back of your hand, then these re-imagined versions of the fabulous fantasies will be the perfect addition to the bookshelf!

Heart of the Moors Maleficent story Best Fairy Tales with a twist

Was the villain misunderstood? What would have happened if...? If you've ever wanted to know more about the witch's backstory or the kingdom the characters lived in, then these titles will grant your wish!

Looking for more fab fantasy books? This 15 Best Books That Feature Magic list has plenty to chose from!

 Into the Woods Best Fairy Tale Books And Series With A Twist!

If you enjoy musicals, Into the Woods is a very entertaining retelling of Grimm's Fairy Tales interwoven together!

'Fractured' fairy tale redos have become popular in the past few years, and it's easy to see why!

Some of these fairy tales are rewritten from the dark side of the tracks, and these enchantingly evil and delightfully devious villains have been given a life and backstory of their own!

Other titles keep the core of the story we all know and love, but take it down a different twisty road. It's always fun to wonder about the characters in fairy tales after you read the Happily Ever After!

Disney Maleficent movie poster and Sleeping Beauty  Best Fairy Tales

After writing Maleficent-A Fabulous Fairy Tale Feature I've been wanting to put together a post starring all of the Disney Villains!

Not to mention, a little magic and mystery is perfect to accompany movies like the 2021 release of Cruella!!

 Best Fairy Tales with a twist  Disney's Cruella Emma Stone as title role

These titles are suspenseful, romantic and will pull you in from the very first page! Wishes, royalty and intrigue await as you step inside each of these fabulous reads!

Keep reading to find fantasy, fun and fabulous fairy tale-inspired books you'll love!

Fairy tales books and series with a twist Half upon a time

10+ Best Fairy Tale Books & Series With a Twist

Told from the perspective of the 'villain' from the original story, or giving a what-if look at these beloved fables and folklore, here are twists on fairy tales you'll absolutely adore!

Maleficent Book Disney Mistress of Evil 10+ Best Fairy Tales and series with a twist

Disney Villains books series  10 best fairy tale books with a twist

Have a special place in your heart for the Disney villains we love to hate?

Delve into the devious lives and backstories of your favorite villains with these clever reimaginings by Serena Valentino!

The Disney Villains series chronicles the other side of the fairy tale- from the voices of Maleficent, the Beast, The Evil Queen, and more!

Mother Knows Best Disney Villain 10 Fairy Tales with a Twist

These fascinating YA reads give a backstory and voice to the witches, queens and evil-doers of the Disney classics- making them perfect for anyone who loves a cunning villain and seeing the other side of the fairy tales and happily-ever-afters!

Misunderstood or truly evil? That's up for you to decide as you explore the dark magic and suspenseful stories of these frightening foes!

Maleficent illustration from Disney's Sleeping Beauty animated movie 10+ Best Fairy Tales and series with a twist

Wicked, witty, vain and complex, read the tale through another set of (evil) eyes!

Get to know the Beast before he was under the infamous curse, see Snow White's story unfold through her stepmother's perspective, and discover the witches who meddle in the worlds of all the villains!

Disney Villains boo series 10 Fairy Tales with a twist

Take a step inside the pages of the popular Disney Villains series to discover the other side of these iconic stories!

Be prepared for plenty of twists and turns as you finally get to know these famed Disney villains, and decide for yourself which side of the fairy tale you believe!

Ursula Disney Villains series Poor Unfortunate Soul book Little Mermaid

Visit our post, Fairy Tales With Fins: 15 Magical Books Starring Mermaids! for more fabulous fairy tales!

Favorite Mermaid Books for Kids and Teens

Ella Enchanted book by Gail Carson Levine 10 fairy tales with a twist

Ella Enchanted is a spin on Cinderella that's every bit as classic as the original!

When a mischievous fairy places a curse on Ella, she must obey any order, regardless how awful!

Feisty and determined to break her curse, Ella embarks on an adventure filled with magic, ogres and surprises!

Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine Best Fairy tales with a twist

by Kamilla Benko

Disney Frozen 2 Book Cover Forest of Shadows by Kamilla Benko

Forest of Shadows is another original adventure with everyone's favorite royal sisters!

After Elsa leaves Arendelle to go on a royal tour, Anna is faced with mysteries, spells and secrets that she never dreamed of!

Forest of Shadows by Kamilla Benko is a middle grade read that'll make you want to rewatch Frozen 2!

Award-winning author, Jennifer Donnelly, gives a compelling reimagining on the beloved story of Cinderella in Stepsister!

New York Times Best Selling Author Jennifer Donnelly's Book Stepsister Disney Villain

Isabelle is one of the 'ugly stepsisters' that the world now knows the name of and despises!

Cinderella and the two stepsisters from Disney's animated film

All her life, Isabelle has done her best to live up to expectations, and now she's determined to try and write her own story, and embarks on a journey that's filled with enchantments, mystery and adventure!

The Wicked Stepmother Cate Blanchett from Disney Cinderella movie

With a little help from some friends and fate, Isabelle takes her destiny into her own hands and sets out to show who she really is.

Magic, an unexpected heroine, and a kingdom filled with surprises makes Stepsister a dark spin on the famous fairy tale and an absolute must-read!

Enjoyed Stepsister? Discover Jennifer Donnelly's other fairy tale twist, Poisoned.

by Jennifer Donnelly

Book cover Poisoned by Jennifer Donnelly reimagined fairy tale Disney Snow White

This spellbinding version of Snow White's adventures delves deeper into it's famous roots to create a tantalizing page-turner!

After surviving an attempt on her life by the Queen's woodsman, beautiful princess Sophie isn't as shocked as you would think.

All her life, there's been rumors and whispers of those who believe she's too kind to become queen or a future ruler. Sophie believed them too, right up until now.

crown fairy tales and books series with a twist

With the aid of seven strangers, Sophie is able to make it, realizing that the queen may not be at the heart of the blame.

With a courageous heroine and a remarkable retelling of Snow White's fairy tale, Poisoned is a must-have for anyone who likes looking a little further into the fairy tale!

Love retellings featuring Snow White's story? Visit this post by the New York Public Library for more fabulous YA retellings of this fairy tale!

by Chris Colfer

The Land of Stories book series The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer

If you love fairy tales, and can't get enough of twists off the famous originals, The Land of Stories is a fantastic series you will definitely want to add to your TBR list!

When twins Alex and Conner unexpectedly find themselves in a land amid their favorite fairy tale characters, they're thrust into a world where fantasy is reality and can't help but wonder how to get back to their non-magical lives!

Magic kids book best fairy tales with a twist

Navigating the perils of spells and wands is proving a lot harder than they would've imagined and fans of all ages who enjoy fantasy and adventure will love The Land of Stories!

The Land of Stories complete paperback gift set

by Jennifer Donnelly

Lost in a Book Beauty and the Beast Fairy tale twist books

Lost in a Book is the third fairy tale twist by Jennifer Donnelly, but with a Disney spin!

Join Belle as she explores one of the magical books inside the Beast's library and goes inside of it on a twisty adventure that keep readers flying through the pages in this story within a story!


Disney Twisted Tale New York Times best selling series

The Twisted Tale books are a spectacular series that features Disney fairy tales with a spin!

What would have happened if Ursula won in The Little Mermaid? Or if Cinderella hadn't tried on that glass slipper?

Mirror, Mirror book A Twisted Tale Disney  book series

This spellbinding YA series presents an intriguing take on our favorite Disney classics, offering a fresh perspective and a fabulous page-turner with each 'Twisted Tale'!

If you adore the Disney adaptations of fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, along with a good surprise and twists, then The Twisted Tale series is for you!

Twisted Tale Books Disney stories

From the whimsical tale of Alice in Wonderland, to the romance of Cinderella, the Twisted Tale Series offers a drasticially different direction or ending the tale could have taken!

by Michael Buckley

The Sisters Grimm Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley twists

Sisters Daphne and Sabrina have gone to live with their Granny Relda in Ferryport Landing and are in for the shock of their lives!

Discovering that they are the descendants of the Grimms Brothers is surprising enough, but to realize that those stories and magic are based in reality is more than they bargained for!

Laugh-out-loud funny, clever writing and the best-ever characters will have you on a mission to read every book in The Sisters Grimm Series from beginning to end and anxious to share and recommend this unforgettable series!!

by Maureen Johnson

Book cover Disney Cruella Hello, Cruel Heart 10 best fairy tale books with a twist

Have you ever wondered how Cruella de Vil became the cunning villainess who was overly obsessed with fashion?

Hello, Cruel Heart, the prequel to Cruella, delves into the days of teenage Estella, who's determined to make her mark in the world of high fashion and have her name known.

Gifted and creative, Estella has big dreams and gorgeous designs, but little opportunity for making them come true. Between her days of petty crime and a look into the world of glitter and glam, will young Estella have what it takes?

image from 101 Dalmations, Cruella de Vil Disney movie

Set in Swinging Sixties London, this twisty adventure will fill you in on Cruella's past in the most exciting way!

Written by Maureen Johnson, author of The Truly Devious series, Hello, Cruel Heart is a compelling tale that won't disappoint!

by Roman Chainani

The School for Good and Evil Woman Chainani best fairy tales with a twist

At The School for Good and Evil, students are trained to become the heroes and villains of fairy tales, and best friends Sophie and Agatha are the newest students!

When glamorous Sophie gets dropped in Evil's halls, and negative Agatha is the one placed in Good's hands, the girls are surprised and determined to find out why in this memorable, magical series, The School for Good and Evil!

The School for Good and Evil One True King book cover

Above: The final installment in The School for Good and Evil Series!

Check out The Other Side of the Story book series for plenty of fairy tales that are super fun to read and give picture book fans a different point of view!

fairy tales with a twist books and series fir kids and teens

Was the villain misunderstood? What would have happened if...?

If you've ever wanted to know more about the witch's backstory or the kingdom the characters lived in, than these titles will grant your wish!

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10+ Best Fairy Tale Books and Series with a Twist Pinterest Pin

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Heather N. Quinn
Heather N. Quinn
Oct 21, 2021

Fairy tales are always so much fun, and when they have a twist they're especially interesting.

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Cenzia Zhang
Oct 22, 2021
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Thank you so much for the comment!! They're definitely fabulous reads, and we absolutely enjoy the ones with a spin as well!! Happy reading! 💗😊

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