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Window Shopping Wednesday- Great Finds!

See what's on our Window Shopping List this week!

Dandelion white puff seed in green grass

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As a kid, I remember Cenzia picking dandelion puffs to blow and make wishes! My brothers and I did the same when growing up and every time I see a dandelion puff, wishing is the first thought that comes to mind!

Well, here we are- many dandelion wishes later- and I can't believe that Cenzia is graduating! My husband and I are trying to keep those emotions under control, but wow, time has truly flown!

One minute she's on the swings and the next she's trying on a cap and gown!

This mother and daughter have had loads of fun over the years and are grateful to have this blog together!

So, here's to wishing the best of luck to Cenzia as she begins her new chapter!

April and Cenzia My Kidz Bookshelf mother and daughter
Visiting Wildwood last summer!

Well, being that Cenzia is a homeschool grad, she has plenty of flexibility on how to celebrate and plan for photos! Click here to see what color cap and gown she chose! Be sure to follow us @mykidzbookshelf to see photos!!

Our previous Window Shopping Wednesday post was all about Graduation Gifts for Her! Be sure to take a peak for some super gift ideas!

On to our Window Shopping Wednesday List!

Dandelion sterling silver necklace

photo: storygirlcreations

We have a super adorable corgi-mix rescue pooch who absolutely makes us nicer people! Well, her corgi side means that she sheds! Spring and fall are her big shedding seasons and this can make cleaning a bit tricky!

If you have a dog that sheds and you're looking for a good grooming tool, this one is the best!

This has been the biggest game changer hands down in helping our house stay cleaner and managing the shedding seasons! We have written an entire post on it here if you want all the details!

Well, we just published our Wish Boat post, which by the way, is absolutely one of our favorite activities that we’ve ever done!

While we were putting it together we started thinking about other wishes and then found this lovely necklace! It makes the perfect gift! (I've thrown very strong hints for my birthday next month!)

Well things have been warming up as summer approaches and our fave sandals have made an appearance!

Cenzia gets compliments every single time she wears these! She likes a little bit of height combined with comfort and the stylish aesthetic!

I bought this pair last year and they still look like new after a very full season! They’re super comfy, adjustable and look good with everything!

Cenzia has always loved art and fashion and is excited to pursue it in college! She’s taking a summer course and working on her fashion drawing skills!

These markers are her go-to! Follow Cenzia @cenziacococouture for her chic and classic fashion-centric posts!

Okay, so I never thought I would be interested in coin collecting, but somehow I got into it! (Story coming in a future post!) I’m so excited that I just ordered this today- you just can’t be a collector without one!

Here’s the book that got me really excited about coin collecting and it’s super interesting!

So, for those of you who don’t already know, we have an Etsy Shop! It’s been a lot of fun and we're adding new products weekly! Check it out!

While we were popping around on Pinterest, we bumped into these absolutely super cute printables! Kids will love them!

We know it’s a good book when we both can’t put it down! This book was a gift for Cenz, but then I borrowed it and was absolutely hooked! It’s the first time I had stayed up late to keep reading in a while! Here’s the sequel and thankfully the final installment is also available so we can finish it!!

With summer approaching, thoughts of surf, sand and sun are on our minds! We don’t head out to the beach without consulting this first! It's great for getting organized quickly!

Feeling stressed? Need to relax? Put on some tunes and prepare to chill! This is thoroughly enjoyable and a great screen-free way to take a break and relax!

There you have it! Our latest finds for Window Shopping Wednesday!

We're always on the lookout for great finds! Find a new fave? Let us know in the comments below!



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