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How to Make Wish Boats - A Fun Outdoor Kids Activity!

Wish Boats are the perfect kids activity and are a fun way to celebrate!

Girl Scouts hands holding hosta leaves with petals and flowers and lambs' ears on it

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We've always loved making wishes! Whether it's wishing upon a star, while blowing out birthday candles or holding a dandelion and watching the white puff and seeds float away, it's always exciting to make a wish!

If you're looking for a fun, easy, affordable and unique activity that both boys and girls will enjoy, Wish Boats are the perfect answer!

'Wish Boats' are the perfect kids' activity for so many events! We have used it for camping, Scout ceremonies, friends get-togethers and outdoor birthday parties; it has always been a hit!

Because these are 'boats' they are ideally intended to be launched into the water, but when water wasn't available, we've left them under a special tree or bush to make the wish!

Cherry Blossom Tree in Washington D.C. Virginia by Jefferson Memorial Tree trunk with flowers growing out of it

Being that they are made from all natural materials, there is no worry about launching and leaving them!

The boat base will depend on the time of year and where you live! The first two times we did this we used bark as the boat base. The first time was at a campground and one of the adults had gathered bark for the kids.

wish boats activity for boys and girls with Earth Day natural materials

The second time we had told our neighbor what we were doing and she invited us to use bark from her wood pile!

The third time, we were stumped! (Whoops- accidental pun!) We didn't have any tree bark! However, our Hosta plant was really overgrown, so we gathered leaves from it and they were perfect!

hosta leaf

Depending on where you'll be hosting your Wish Boat activity, you may wish to bring some flowers/leaves with you.

Kids can usually get pretty creative if you're in a park or wooded area, but if you're doing this with a bigger group or urban setting it's nice to have some colorful blooms to add!

Again, in the photo above, we basically walked around our yard and picked flowers to bring for the boats. If you don't have any, sometimes a neighbor or other parent can either bring flowers or purchase some!

wish boat activity for boys and girls with leaves and flowers and bark

How To Make a 'Wish Boat'

1. Find something to use as the boat or base that is somewhat sturdy and has a bit of surface area. We've used bark, small pieces of wood and hosta leaves and each made great boats!

2. Gather all-natural materials to decorate or put in your boat - flowers, petals, small leaves, acorns or twigs are just a few ideas!

3. Optional: Take a photo! This activity truly feels magical and we loved capturing it!

4. Make a wish and 'launch' the boats into the water!!

Note: If you are not near a pond or lake, placing the wish boats under a special tree or big rock will do just as well!

It really doesn't have an age limit and older kids and teens loved it just as much, if not more, than the younger kids!

Wish boats are fun to put together and so pretty!

leaf wish boats in water

Be sure to take a picture of your Wish Boats and tag us @mykidzbookshelf if you post it! We'd love to see your creation!

Be sure to Pin this post so you can return to it for more ideas in the future!

Wish Boat outdoor activity for boys and girls

Know someone who may enjoy these Wish Boats? We'd love it if you'd share!

Hope your Wish Comes True!

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