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14+ Fabulous Valentine's Day Books That We Love and Your Kids Will Too!

Here are 14+ terrific titles for Valentine's Day that you and your kids will love and make great additions to the bookshelf!

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We love Valentine's Day! Always have, always will!

Whether it's the fun of creating homemade valentines, enjoying a 'Galentine Movie Night' or exploring and taste-testing all the chocolate we can, Valentine's Day offers many ways to keep us happy and entertained!

You can check out our 14 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day if you're looking for some ideas to enjoy the holiday!

14 Valentine's Day books valentine's Day conversation hearts

There are so many fun books out there to share with your kids to celebrate Valentine's Day!

Whether your special valentine loves animals, crafts, jokes or frills, we have a fun list of fabulous Valentine's Day books that will satisfy their interest!

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Best Valentines Day books for boys and girls Love, Splat by Rob Scotton Valentine's Day picture book for kids

We adore Splat! Love, Splat has lots of love and sweetness to go along with fabulous illustrations and a heartwarming story!

Splat the Cat is smitten with Kitten and Valentine's Day is right around the corner!

Splat has made a special valentine for Kitten, but he's a shy cat and a love triangle looms when Spike enters on the scene!

Best Valentine's Day books for boys and girls Splat the cat illustration two cats about to bump into each other

What is Splat to do? He loves Kitten more than fish sticks even though she doesn't seem to care for him at all! Luckily, his trusty little friend, Seymour the mouse is there for support!

Will love win in the end? Love, Splat is a must have! This absolutely adorable picture book will have you and your feline-loving readers falling in love with Splat and rereading this fun Valentine's Day story over and over!

Best Valentines Day books for boys and girls Splat the Cat

Adore Rob Scotton's illustrations and storytelling style as much as we do? Splat the Cat: Funny Valentine is another fun Valentine's Day book starring Splat with the added fun of lifting the flaps!

Best Valentine's books for boys and girls Don't Laugh Joke Book Valentine's Day

Kids love jokes and The Don't Laugh Challenge Joke Book is a great way to gift a book on Valentine's Day to a kid who isn't looking to read a story!

Joke books are fun, quick, entertaining and a great way to bond with your young valentine! Lots of fun await 6-11 year-olds within the pages of The Don't Laugh Challenge Joke Book which is actually designed to be a game!

Two or more players take turns telling the jokes while trying to get the others to laugh or crack a smile!

The one reading the jokes gets a point for every smile he or she gets out of his audience and the first player to reach five points wins!

Best Valentine's Day books for boys and girls Alien Next Door

Zeke is new to this whole Earth customs-Valentine's Day thing and Harris tries to explain to his alien friend how it all works!

When Zeke gets a secret valentine shows up, Zeke tries to figure out its source! To complicate matters, he develops a crush on a girl and tries to impress her too!

Being that this alien is unfamiliar with all things love and girls, Zeke's attempts to win her heart don't go as planned! Will he be able to turn it around and win his valentine's heart?!

The Alien Next Door: The Mystery Valentine is a fun chapter book with great storylines and engaging illustrations that kids ages 6 - 9 will find out of this world!!

Love the idea of reading about an alien next door? Here is the first book in this hit series, The Alien Next Door by A.I. Newton and Anjan Sarkar.

Best Valentine's Day books for boys and girls Pusheen coloring book

Every time we are out and about and bump into Pusheen, we get distracted for far too long! Pusheen is just too cute!

Whether it's a fuzzy-friend Pusheen, Pusheen pencil case, stickers, cookbook or this super adorable Mini Pusheen Coloring Book, we just can't enough of this adorable and fun tubby tabby created by Claire Belton!

This petite coloring book, would pair nicely with another Pusheen-themed item or some art supplies like these Tombow markers and would make a perfect gift for a special someone on Valentine's Day!

Looking for a larger Pusheen Coloring Book? Here is the full-sized Pusheen Coloring Book option which also has 96 pages!

Valentine's Day Book cover the Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story by Nancy Rose

The Secret Life of Squirrels: A Love Story by Nancy Rose is simply delightful!

The cover will pull you in and the super fun and clever scenes with the squirrels starring in their own love story will charm you into wanting to share this with your special valentine!

Author and photographer Nancy Rose is a genius and truly patient in how she arranged the scenes and enticed the squirrel 'actors' to participate in their own love story photo shoot!

Love squirrels, or at least get a kick out of them featured in books? Here is another post about picture book series starring a squirrel that you and your young reader will love!

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse picture book cover with an illustrated mouse holding a heart valentine

Available as both a paperback and a board book, Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse is a super fun Valentine's Day read! Fans of the "If You Give.." books by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond will love adding this to their collection!

Aimed at younger fans (pre-school, and younger elementary-aged set), Mouse stars in another winning combination of a simple, yet engaging story.

Mouse's various friends from the other books in the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series also make an appearance for this Valentine's Day-themed book which is a favorite among kids, parents and teachers!

books by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse is an easy-to-read, smaller-sized book which comes in both paperback and board book versions.

This Valentine's Day book features the ever-popular Mouse, who is on a mission to show his friends how much he cares by creating special valentines for every one of them!

Pinkalicious Pink of Hearts book by Victoria Karr for Valentine's Day

Everyone in Pinkalicious's class has been assigned a person to make an extra-special valentine for. Pinkalicious has put her pink heart and soul into creating a fabulous valentine; she wonders... will she receive one that's just as pinktastic?!!

Pinkalicious: Pink of Hearts by Victoria Kann is a fun story with a sweet message and includes stickers, valentines and a poster which makes this the perfect choice for a gifty valentine book!

Best Valentine books for boys and girls Snowy Valentine

We've always been big fans of bunnies in books and at one of our trips to the library, we noticed Snowy Valentine and had to bring it home!

Jasper the bunny goes on a search through the snowy forest valley for just the right valentine to give his loved one!

Snowy Valentine by David Petersen, creator of the Mouse Guard series, has created a gorgeously illustrated book with a heartfelt storyline which make this book a delight to read or give to someone special this Valentine's Day!

Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart Sticker book Valentine's Day

Everyone's favorite fancy fashionista is back in this fun, frilly and festive Valentine's day book!

When Fancy Nancy receives a mysterious valentine, she's determined to discover who sent her the surprise! Follow Nancy as she finds the clues that will lead her to who the special someone is!

Fancy Nancy Heart to Heart is a fun tale for Valentine's Day featuring Fancy Nancy's trademark style, antics and stickers to enjoy!

A great choice for a gift, pair this book with a cute purse or dress-up set to delight the budding style icon in your house!

Pete the Cat Valentine's books for boys and girls

This book is so well done! It not only has a cute story but also comes with Valentine's Day cards, a poster and stickers! Purrfect!

Pete the Cat is initially not too jazzed about Valentine's Day. But then he realizes how fun it is to make cards for all the special folks in his life and really becomes a fan!

Pete the Cat Valentine's Day is Cool picture book with stickers

Uh, oh though, Pete has forgotten to make a valentine for his very special friend! Will he be forgiven?

Best Valentines Day books boys and girls Pete the Cat Valentine's Day

Vibrant and engaging illustrations and storyline along with the fun extras make Pete the Cat: Valentine's Day is Cool by Kimberly and James Dean a great Valentine's Day book that's fun for reading aloud or gifting to your feline-loving valentine!!

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Best Valentine's Day books boys and girls Curious George

Happy Valentine's Day Curious George is a fabulous classic picture book character and it's nice to see that he and the man in the yellow hat are up to celebrating Valentine's Day!

Curious George helps to decorate the house, decorate cookies and make valentine's for the upcoming holiday! If you're looking for a book to make fun connections or do an activity with, this is a good choice!

Best Valentine's Day books boys and girls Curious George

Break out your cookie cutters, create some of your own valentines - (see here for some A-door-able valentines you can make)! - or decorate your house just like George!

Best Valentines Day books Curious George and the Man with the Yellow hat

Great for younger readers, Happy Valentine's Day Curious George is a sweet book featuring fold-out flaps and red foil accents that highlight this fun story along with a cute surprise in a box at the end!

Best Valentine books for boys and girls  junie b. jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime by Barbara Park shows girl holding super large valentine illustration

Junie B. Jones is really surprised when she receives a big, gushy valentine from a secret admirer! Nothing drives a kid more crazy than a secret! Who do you suppose sent it to her?

This funny girl has kept kids laughing for over 25 years! Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime is #14 in Barbara Park's New York Times' best-selling series.

Kids in grades 1-4 will love reading about Junie B. Jones' adventures and antics and makes for a perfect read aloud or fun by yourself!

Junie B. Jones book set by Barbara Park shows girl looking at school bus

The Junie B. Jones books contain deliberate grammatical errors that are fun for kids to find and self-correct while following along with Junie on all of her hysterical adventures!

Perfect for early readers (ages 6-9) Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentime is a perfect read for the holiday!

12. Vintage Valentines (Press Out Book)

Little Golden Book Vintage Valentines book retro style book cover with boy and girl and valentines

This special Little Golden Book is a fun throwback and a perfect treat for kids and adults alike!

Vintage Valentines contains a collection of press out valentines and envelopes that are sweet and nostalgic and fun!

Little Golden Book Vintage Valentines with duck, cats, hearts and barrel

These reproductions of vintage valentines are so cute and all you need is a pair of scissors and a little tape to put together the envelopes!

Little Golden Book's Vintage Valentines is a fun all-in-one craft that you and your kids will enjoy for a memory-making Valentine's Day!

Valentine's day scavenger hunt printable

Best kids picture book Mirabel's Missing Valentines shows illustration of mouse walking with bag of valentines falling out

Mirabel's Missing Valentines is a sweet picture book and makes a perfect read for Valentine's day!

Mirabel is a shy little mouse who's extra nervous about handing out Valentine's Day cards in her class at school.

Nevertheless, she makes one for each and every classmate, creating sweet cards she signs with a heart.

On the way to school, Mirabel is in such a hurry, she doesn't see that her bag of Valentine's keeps getting lighter as the cards get lost on her trip!

Best Mirabel's Missing Valentines book illustration with mouse sitting on floor making valentines

Realizing her cards are missing, Mirabel is upset until she discovers they've brightened the day of those who found them!

Featuring colorful illustrations and a relatable little heroine, Mirabel's Missing Valentines is a charming story! This sweet picture book will make you and the kids smile and want to go make some valentine's of your own to give out when you've finished reading Mirabel's adventures!

Best Valentine Picture Book Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane deGroat shows illustration of Gilbert the hedgehog seated at his desk holding a paper valentine

Gilbert is tasked with writing valentines to all of the kids in his class. The problem is, there are a couple of kids that aren't very nice to him.

Gilbert decides to make some not-so-nice valentines for those kids, BUT signs someone else's name on the card!

Hurt feelings and some chaos follows and Gilbert eventually learns his lesson. A heartfelt apology and a good friend enables Gilbert to move forward and enjoy Valentine's Day!

Roses are Pink Your Feet Really Stink is a fun read with great illustrations that kids will love and the message will be appreciated by parents and teachers alike!

We had the pleasure of meeting Diane deGroat (below) a couple of years ago at the Hudson Children's Books Festival. She was there signing books and we added Gilbert the Surfer Dude to our collection of picture books!

photo of my kidz bookshelf blogger Cenzia and Diane deGroat author of Gilbert books

Valentine's Day Bon Bon Bingo printable game for boys and girls instant

Need a few more Valentine's Day books to add to your bookshelf?

Check out these other very popular choices!!

bunny waterproof sticker dancer valentine's day

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Have a favorite Valentine's Day book? Let us know in the comments below! We're always looking for fun additions to the bookshelf!

Know someone who might be looking for some fun Valentine's Day books? We'd love it if you would share!


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