DIY Valentine's Day Cards - I A-door-e You!

Super sweet and easy cards to DIY for your Valentine's Day!

We love Valentine's Day! Over the years we have made many, many Valentines! Each year we would look for the perfect inspiration to replicate and send out to friends, neighbors and relatives!

We've made Valentines featuring feathered flamingos, puffy sheep, hot air balloons, teddy bears, kissing fish, painted papers and more!

We will put more of our Valentines on the blog at some point in time, so you can see all of our whimsical and fun creations!

This year, our Valentines were inspired by the fun idea of using doors to express 'I A-door-e You!

We've been obsessing this past year over pretty doors worldwide and this was the inspiration for the 2020 Valentine's Day Card!

After all, endless doors of all colors, styles and eras were just waiting for us to turn into a kitchy-catchy Valentine Card!

It was also a super fun way to use up some of those pretty crafting papers and supplies that are promising to take over our dining room!

After establishing our theme, we next wrote up our list of recipients. We take this ever so seriously!

So, pull up a chair and take a look at some of our fun creations! If you've got some music that goes with the holiday and gets the creative juices flowing, put it on.

Search the house for your basic supplies and enjoy the process!


Being that these are hand-made works of art, we tailor them to the recipient. For example, one of our family members is a fan of green, so their card would definitely feature a spring-y hue.

Another friend loves purple, so hers would focus on that color! You get the idea!

Initially, when we decided to go with the door theme, it took a little time to find just the right amount of inspiration for our perfect little doors!

Bookmarking travel blog sites on Instagram and creating folders with pretty door pictures made it both easy and fun to find different ideas around every corner of the internet!

After this fun creative exploration, you'll have a new appreciation for the doors of the world!

Whether they're from the southwest, mid-century or just a plain old door, the fun has been in turning these potentially everyday subjects into colorful and whimsical objects of affection!

After all, who can resist a pink flamingo flanking a colorful door! And better yet, who wouldn't love to receive one of these delightful Valentines in the mail!

Knowing that our friends and family will have something cheery to greet them at the mailbox warms our hearts for sure!

And one more of our A-door-able creations! Who doesn't love a cheery sloth atop a dessert-themed door?!

Give one along with some chocolate for a winning combination!

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These 'I A-door-e You' Valentines are super fun DIY cards whether you're making one or one hundred of them!

You can personalize them to your heart's content, or replicate a mid-century or other iconic door you like!

Happy Valentine's Day!



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