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Welcome to My Kidz Bookshelf! Books and Fun, All in One!

We love books! We're a mom and daughter duo that's been enjoying all things books for a while now!

We love reading and doing fun stuff inspired by books and decided to put it all down in one spot!


Here's a place where you can find out about great books, fun crafts, recipes, ideas for activities and more!

Looking for a gift idea? Check out some of our faves and reviews to find the perfect choice!

We're not only into reading, but also enjoy doing different things that go along with the books we've read!

Whether it's a trip to a museum, experimenting with a recipe or taking over the dining room table with craft supplies, we're all about enjoying books and doing the fun stuff that goes along with them!

Mixed media collage with paper, google eyes, magazine cutouts show Alice, and other Disney characters having tea in front on a house

Come along with us as we read great books, create cool crafts, taste delicious recipes and explore new places!

We've also done the homeschool route for a while now! We have a great post on getting started with homeschooling and book features like this one that give fun ideas for book extensions!

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Girls holding hosta flowers doing wish boats with flowers


We love to Read, Create & Travel! Join us for the ride!

Visit our 'About Us' page to read more about us when we're not reading or blogging!



April & Cenzia

P.S. (Update- June, 2021) We launched our new Etsy shop where you can find fun printables and more for book-loving, adventure-seeking kids and families!


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