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Currently Bookmarked 3/22

Well, it's time for our weekly Currently Bookmarked post!

Great books, DIYs, and other fab finds and ideas we want to share with you!

1. Fan of fashion? I (Cenz) absolutely recommend this chic title that features and explores fashion and it's designers from the era of Versailles to the swinging sixties!

Complete with gorgeous photos and details behind each piece, this is the best book to read if you're into style through the ages!

2. We enjoyed a stay-in St. Patrick's Day this year, complete with some delicious Irish soda bread we got from this bakery that always makes the best festive sweets nearby!

It was a welcome addition to our day, and we were glad to support a small business!

3. Since we're not doing any traveling for a while, it was fun to write a post about our trip last fall to the Lucille Ball Desi Arnaz Museum!

It's a fantastic museum celebrating the iconic redhead! Head over to our post to enjoy a virtual tour of all things I Love Lucy!

4. Looking forward to playing one of these!! Classic characters, interesting storylines, vicarious travel along with clues, ciphers, puzzles and more help you solve the mystery!!

5. Love colorful things? If you don't have one of these patterned coloring books it's worth having one in your house!!

They're so much fun to pass the time with! Exercise your artsy side with these intricately designed coloring books for teens on up!

With a huge selection ranging from wildlife and flowers to even Disney characters, you'll have plenty to choose from!

6. A few years ago I (April) was still immersed in my baking adventures and my footwear was getting worn down quickly. This, in turn, made my back, feet and legs start to become uncomfortable.

So, I went on an internet search to find a solution! I discovered these and have worn them everyday since!

There are several varieties and brands out there that work great!

My husband is on his feet all day and changes into these when he comes back home.

My blogging partner dances a lot and we found this brand which has cute and colorful styles! All three of us agree they're game changers!!


7. Happy 35th Anniversary to the Sylvanian Families! (Calico Critters if you live in the U.S.)

The adorable miniature families celebrated 35 years of being fabulous this week, and if you love these sweet Sylvanians as much as we do, treat them to a cute new dresser with this DIY!

Super easy and you only need a few supplies = a win!

8. So, sometimes we're in between books, or have a minute or two to spare in between stuff and this is one of the things we turn to! This has been so much fun to break out!!

Good for the brain and we feel so clever after solving it!!

Delicious, healthy and simple to make!!

9. Speaking of chocolate, been craving something dark and decedent? We're ALWAYS craving chocolate!! We originally posted these back in the fall, and LOVE them!!

They are super easy, have simple ingredients and are filled with fiber, protein and healthy antioxidants!!

10. Walks are such a great way to soak up the Vitamin D filled sunshine, breathe the crisp fresh Spring air and enjoy the buds and blooms!

We always bring this on our walks to snap pics and if we're close to home one of us dashes inside to grab this to capture the moment!

Happy Spring!

April and Cenzia


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