DIY: Make a Mini Matchbox Dollhouse Dresser!

This adorable craft is super easy and fun to do! All you need are a few simple supplies and a little time to create your own sweet little dresser for your dollhouse or miniatures!

I love doing DIYs and crafts and between Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines, there's more than plenty of projects and inspiration to choose from!

Last year, while at a farmer's market, we spotted a booth selling jewelry, charms, and other fun knick-knacks.

One of the fun items being sold were decorated matchboxes- they were pretty simple, but very cute!

The matchboxes were decoupaged with pictures and cutouts from magazines and posters- snowmen, coffee cups, flamingos, - you name it!

Well, I did buy a couple from the vendor there, and then of course I wanted to DIY my own!

They aren't hard to make, and whatever images you choose, the result always looks really fab!

I purchased a package of ten matchboxes -I know, that's a lot of matches!

And after doing a couple that just had the images on them, I figured I would try something new on the remainder of these little boxes.

Enter the Dresser DIY!


  • Small Matchboxes

  • Scrapbooking / Decorative papers

  • Faux pearls / Beads

  • Cardboard/Stiff Paperboard

  • Exacto knife

  • Scissors

  • Pen/Pencil

Step One: Measure your matchboxes length-wise and mark the center of the box with your pen.

Step Two: Using an exacto blade, cut your matchbox down the middle (the width) into half. Repeat with your second box.

Step Three: Trim any matchbox extra edges that don't line up with their neighbors' edges!

Step Four: Stack your matchbox halves the way you want the dresser to look, and trace them on a piece of cardboard or paperboard.

Step Five: Cut out the traced shape to make your dresser back and glue. Remove the inserts from the matchboxes and glue the backs of the boxes onto the cut cardboard shape to make the back of the dresser.

Step Six: Trace the fronts of the matchbox inserts on paper of choice and cut out to make dresser panels. Glue on to the insert's fronts and wait to dry.

Step Seven: Trace the top, bottom and sides of you dresser onto paper of choice. Cut out and glue on.

Step Eight: Glue four beads/faux pearls to the bottom for feet, and glue on beads in the middle of your dresser drawers for mini pulls.

...Voila! I gave this piece to my Calico Critters/Sylvanian Families to enjoy- but this dresser will work with just about any miniatures that size or even a bit smaller.

If you're using it for a larger doll, just skip cutting the matchboxes in half, and use four small boxes instead of two!

Love these mini models? Here are the Calico Critters (called Sylvanian Families if you live in the UK), who helped out with the photoshoot:

If you love miniature things and enjoy crafting-which I do!- this is a nice way to pass the time and get a pretty little box at the end!

To make the perfume bottles, just use some larger, flat-bottomed beads as the base, and glue on small, faux pearls, rhinestones or round beads for tops.

Quick, glam little 'scents' to decorate your final product with! An elegant finishing touch and great way to use any pretty beads you've been saving!

Well, there's my DIY of the week! Hope you liked it, and be sure to tag us on Instagram or Pinterest if you make it! Would love to see pics!

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I had so much fun coming up with this mini DIY and hope you have a great time making it!

Happy Crafting!

💗 Cenzia