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Currently Bookmarked - 5/18

We hope you had a relaxing weekend with some sun and fun!

Well, the week has flown by on the blog, and we've been busy putting together fun posts and working on the website!

Here's a bit of what we've been up to- both on the blog and off!

1. (updated on 5/20) Excited to be reading The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes - the latest installment by Suzanne Collins - the writer of The Hunger Games trilogy!

We both just started reading this prequel to The Hunger Games and it's very, very good!

Compelling descriptions, definitive characters and the same page-turning writing that catapulted The Hunger Games Trilogy to the top of the bestseller lists!!

Keep an eye out for a book review for The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes!

2. I (Cenzia,) was inspired by our Mixed Media Collage DIY to create a collage for the Mother's Day card I gave my mom!

Currently Bookmarked - collage card with illustration and hearts, Eiffel Tower and bicycles!

Collage art is super simple and so much fun to make! I always love both making the collage and getting to display and admire it when it's finished!

Perfect for gifting or keeping, find out how to create your own Mixed Media Art here!

3. Did you know that National Chocolate Chip Day was last week? There really are holidays for everything, and of course chocolate chips should be given their own mention!

Well, we put together a Chocolate Chip Cookie post to celebrate the day and satisfy your sweet tooth!

For a fantastic recipe, fab cookie-inspired books and more fun, here's where you'll find it all!

4. We always love looking back at what we were doing a year or two ago at this time and came across our pictures from our trip to Newport, Rhode Island from last May!

Click through the slideshow for a few of our photos and visit our Instagram for more!

It was so gorgeous and we thought that we'd do a post from our Throwback Travels there!

So, stay tuned for a little #TB travel post coming soon! Armchair travel at it's finest!

You'll get to explore this stunning place with us; Newport is filled with shops, mansions and more, so it's a visual feast for sure!!

5. We had so much fun featuring this fabulous picture book earlier this week on the blog! From its colorful pictures to the great story and quirky characters, Franny B. Kranny, There's a Bird in Your Hair! is a hands-down favorite of ours!

Find ideas for crafts and more to go along with Franny's tale here!

Currently bookmarked book cover Franny B. Kranny There's a Bird in Your Hair shows girl wearing striped pajamas with massive curly red hair in bun with bird sitting in it!

6. With the weather warming up, my mom and I are planning on putting out our Fairy Garden houses and accessories to add some fairy flair to a corner of the garden!

Want to start your own fairy garden? Here are some sweet pieces that will add a magical touch to any backyard, windowsill or porch! This house is also fun!

7. I (Cenzia) just read this book and finished it in a few days-it's fantastic, and sooo hard to put down!

A beach read is a wonderful way to fast forward to some summer sun, and this sweet romance doesn't disappoint!

Follow the special summer of a girl and her adventures, and fall in love with each page of this gorgeous beach front novel!

Fun Fact: the author of this trilogy, Jenny Han, also wrote To All The Boys I've Loved Before!

Currently Bookmarked post -Book cover for The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

8. We made our first attempt at making Dalgona Coffee! Yes! It seems to be quite popular and even though neither of us are daily coffee consumers, we do love things that are whipped and fluffy!

So, with directions, ingredients and a positive attitude, we set forth! Here is our first attempt in action!

We're still tweaking our version of it, but the initial attempt received very positive reviews from us and the third non-blogging member of the household! The mailman (aka husband/father) gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up!

The shaken (not stirred! - did you catch that?) Dalgona iced coffee beverage was just the right end to the mailman's day for a refreshing, pick-me-up treat!

It went along perfectly with the very last chocolate chip cookie that we had made from our previous post starring the chocolate chip!!

9. Loved baking the chocolate chip cookies from our Cookie post? Feeling artsy?

Try your hand at drawing some adorable Cookie Characters!

This super cute, really simple DIY is included in our Chocolate Chip Cookie post, and is so fun to do!

Create your own chocolate chip cookie characters and add some baked good cheer to cards or some room art with this How-To!

How to Draw Your Own Chocolate Chip Cookie Character illustration of chocolate chip cookies as Dad, Mom and little girl

10. Well, although we're not traveling at the moment, we've been taking mini-drives to get out and about and see something different every once in a while!

mailbox made to look like a German Shepherd with the one as the flag
A perfect mailbox for dog lovers!

It's a nice way to feel like we're visiting some sights, even if it's from inside the car!

Here are a few of the pictures we snapped during one of our drives this past week!

Currently Bookmarked old red van with vintage statue of boy in checked overalls holding a double burger

Liked these ideas and fun? Be sure to Pin this post for later!

pinable image burger boy statue on old van car red

Well, that just about concludes our Currently Bookmarked post for this week!

Have a suggestion for a good book? Want to suggest something for a blog post? Comment below! We love hearing your suggestions!!

Happy Monday!

April & Cenzia


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