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6 Fun Activities to Go Along with 'The House With a Clock in Its Walls!' - Perfect for Halloween!

The House With a Clock in Its Walls is the perfect book to go along with Halloween and the fall season and will have you shivering in your shoes as you anxiously turn the pages!

The House with a Clock in its Walls movie poster with Jack Black and Cate Blanchett

Before Harry Potter arrived on the magic scene, there was Lewis Barnavelt!

Unassuming and newly transplanted to New Zebedee, Michigan, Lewis discovers that his new home, as well as his Uncle Jonathan and purple-haired neighbor, Mrs. Zimmerman, are filled with mystery and magic!

The-House-With-A-Clock-in-its-Walls book with a clock

Well, there's nothing we love more than a movie that comes out based on a kid's book! We're always super excited to both read the book and see the movie.

It's an absolute bonus that Cate Blanchet and Jack Black put their stamp of approval on it by being in the middle of it all on the big screen!

For more great movies that are perfect for the season and Halloween, check out our 10 of Our Favorite Halloween Movies for Kids!

The-House-With-A-Clock-in-its-Walls book cover

The House With a Clock in Its Walls by John Bellairs is the first in a twelve book series that features new-to-the-magic scene Lewis Barnavelt.

After coming to live with his Uncle Johnathan, Lewis finds that there is more than just old architecture and a quirky relative that is in residence on High Street!

The-House-With-A-Clock-in-its-Walls inside illustration of the house

Like any new kid in town, Lewis longs to be accepted and find friendship all while dealing with the recent loss of his parents.

To his surprise, the very popular and athletic Toby takes to spending time with Lewis while he is recovering from an injury.

Their friendship suffers a setback, however, once Toby's arm heals and is back with his sports team buddies.

In an attempt to impress and win back the attention of his fair-weather friend, Lewis unwittingly releases an evil and sets in motion a curse with potentially devastating and far-reaching consequences!

The-House-With-A-Clock-in-its-Walls big movie poster with Jack Black and Cate Blanchett

This is one instance where I definitely enjoyed the movie as much as the book!

Great effects that are a feast for the eyes, terrific performances and surprising twists along with a fabulous reworked ending will leave you with a thoroughly satisfying movie experience!

We added the movie to our collection and are looking forward to watching it again!

The-House-With-A-Clock-in-its-Walls book showing Jack Black and Cate Blanchett from the movie

If you like books with a magical spin, then this should definitely be on your TBR List!

A fun ride with some spine-tingling moments, The House With a Clock in Its Walls is a quick page-turner that packs a good amount of story in its pages.


'The House With a Clock in Its Walls' by John Bellairs

1. Draw a House

The House with a Clock in Its Walls features fabulous illustrations by Edward Gorey! Love to draw or want to learn?

Art Starts With A Line by Erin McManness is great for learning line drawing; everything from drawing houses and other architecture to wildlife to retro signage!

Art-Starts-With-A-Line-book shows victorian style houses drawn on cover

2. Learn a Magic Trick!

Even the least magical of us will have fun trying out a little slight of hand! Big Magic for Little Hands will get you started with the world of illusion:

Big-Magic-for-Little-Hands-book magicians on cover

3. Make a Clock!

Clocks are so interesting and seeing inside one is a really fun exploration! One option is to make a clock with just a CD and basic clockworks.

Or, if you want to get a little more involved and like to build, check out this clock kit:

Gear clock kit shows colorful craft clock to put together

4. Hide a "Ticking Clock"

Now most of us don't have really loud clocks at home, but you can do this with a cordless or cell phone.

  • You will need two phones for this.

  • One person hides the phone -make sure the volume is on!

  • The hider then calls it (dials it) while the seeker tries to find the hidden 'clock!'

5. Read the Other Books in the Lewis Barnavelt Series

The House With a Clock in Its Walls is the first in a 12 Books Series! See what happens next...!

6. Make some Chocolate Chip Cookies and Watch the Movie!

Mrs. Zimmerman serves up chocolate chip cookies to Lewis more than once in the book!

(I do have the very best recipe in the world for Chocolate Chip Cookies, but I'm not ready to part with it!)

Well, until the time comes when I do, here's the original Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe!

Tick Tock and Enjoy!


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