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13 Ways to Have Fun This Halloween- Perfect for Staying Home!

Whether you're planning on heading out for a night of Trick-or-Treating, or staying home, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this super fun holiday!

13 Great Ways to Have Fun this Halloween Pinterest Pin

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13 Ways to Have Fun This Halloween!

1. Enjoy a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Happy Halloween Scavenger Hunt Free Printable instant download

Whether you decide to do this fun activity right at home, while walking around the neighborhood or driving around, a Scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep it festive this Halloween!

Our Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable game is FREE and loads of fun! Click here to download or print this super colorful game for kids and families!

2. DIY Halloween Photo Booth

Trick or Treat photo booth 13 ways to have fun for Halloween


Whether you have a Halloween costume ready to go or not, doing an impromptu photo booth is so much fun!

Kids can try fun combos of clothes and accessories to make everything from spooky to comical!

Here are some super cute Halloween photo booth props too!

Save the memory with some selfies or throwback polaroids photos like we did! They make perfect additions to a Time Capsule!

Here are some ideas to get you started with your photo booth costumes!

  • Hats

  • Glasses / Sunglasses

  • Make - up (use to draw mustaches, cat whiskers, etc.)

  • Scarves

  • Props such as fans, umbrellas, fancy pocketbooks, backpacks, magnifying glasses

  • Change hairystyles

  • Hair bands for girls

  • Sports equipment (baseball, bat, hockey stick, baseball glove

  • Sports jersey/helmet

  • Aprons/chef hats

  • Feather boas

  • printable Photo Booth props

Be A Mummy...

13 Ways to Have Fun on Halloween -Toilet Paper Mummies

This is perfect if you are having trouble finding costume pieces and props for the above mentioned DIY photo booth! Just head to the closet and grab some toilet paper!

Keep wrapping until the mummy costume is complete then take a pic!

3. Make Some Halloween Treats

13 Ways to Have fun this Halloween themed candy bark from


A quick internet search will give you plenty of inspiration for some fabulously Halloween-themed snacks and sweets!

These 45 Easy Halloween Desserts have lots of delectable spooky inspiration...and they're easy! Perfect for a last minute stay at home Halloween celebration or if you have guests joining you for the fun!

4. Paint a Halloween Scene

Halloween beginner painting tutorials 13 Ways to Have fun this Halloween


Tap into Your Halloween Artsy Side! We just love all of the tutorials at Step by Step Painting! She has a great variety of choices and plenty for beginners too!

5. Make Some Painted Rocks

Halloween painted rocks 13 Ways to Have Fun on Halloween

Photo Credit: Colormadehappy

A few stones, paint and inspiration and you're ready to have some spooky and crafty fun!

6. Tell a Ghost Story!

Whether you're looking for a story to give you some laughs or to bring on those goosebumps, there are plenty of fun tales to be told!

Casper the friendly ghost illustration 13 Ways to Have Fun on Halloween Kids

Light some candles or dim the lights and have some classic storytelling fun!

Here are some classic ghost stories to get you started!

7. Build a Haunted Gingerbread House!

haunted house Halloween Gingerbread house 13 Ways to have fun this Halloween

Here's a fun Halloween craft and snack all in one! If you are motivated and have some solid gingerbread house architectural skills, make it from scratch!

If you're thinking that time is of the essence, there are plenty of Halloween Gingerbread Haunted House kits available in stores!

8. Make Coffee Filter Ghosts

Coffee Filter ghosts Halloween craft for kids 13 Ways to have fun this Halloween

Photo: lynnmumbingmejia

These Coffee Filter Ghosts are very fun and super easy!

All you need are:

  • Coffee filters

  • Cotton Balls

  • String or Yarn

  • Markers or Sharpies for making the faces


  1. Flatten a coffee filter

  2. Take one cotton ball and set in center of filter

  3. Wrap the coffee filter around the cotton ball use a piece of string or yarn to tie - this will hold the cotton ball in to make a head and neck.

  4. Use markers or sharpies to draw on eyes and mouth!

  5. Display as is or turn them into a ghosty garland!

9. Surprise a Neighbor with a Boo Basket!

Boo Basket 13 Ways to Have Fun on Halloween

Photo: Target

A bunch of our neighbors did this a few years ago and it was really fun!

You can do this anonymously, but if you want to make sure the recipient is comfortable with the delivery, a little card or name tag will be appreciated!

DIY Boo Basket 13 Ways to Have Fun on Halloween

Photo: Target

Fill a gift bag or box with Halloween themed items and surprise a friend or neighbor! Leave it on their doorstep or porch with a little note so they know it's from you!

We love these Boo Tags for the perfect touch!

13 Ways to Have fun on Halloween Boo bag tags for Halloween

10. Listen to Some Halloween Music

Ghostbusters movie logo with ghost 13 ways to have fun on Halloween

There's nothing like some Halloween music to set the mood! There are many Halloween-themed choices out there!

Whether you're a Michael Jackson fan (yes, my niece played Thriller at her wedding and danced to it with her high school friends) or are looking for some sure fire hits for the kids, music adds to the festive feel of the spooky season!

I'm personally a huge fan of Ghostbusters (as you could have figured out from the above pic!)

Here's a great list of Halloween tunes to get you started!

11. Dress Up Your Pet

13 Ways to have fun this Halloween dog mail delivery  Halloween costume USPS

This, of course, depends a little bit on whether your pet wants to be dressed up!

Go all out and make or purchase a pet Halloween costume like the Dog Mail Delivery Costume above, or some fun Halloween accessories and this will add some fun flair for a personalized pet pic!

12. Decorate a Pumpkin

Jack o Lanterns lit up for Halloween 13 Ways to Have Fun Kids on Halloween

There's nothing better than carving or decorating a pumpkin to round out the festive Halloween fun! This post has terrific tips for everything related to your pumpkin carving experience and 50 Free and Easy Pumpkin stencils!

If you're running late or just not in the mood to scoop seeds this year, painting pumpkins is super fun too!

Harry Potter Pumpkin 13 Ways to Have Fun on Halloween

Photo: WhiteOakByAmy

Paint bats, a Jack O'Lantern face or tap into your artsy side and produce an original pumpkin artwork!

13 Ways to Have Fun on Halloween splatter paint pumpkin from Parker artist instagram

Photo Credit: Parker Whidby

Pumpkins painted to look like dogs 13 Ways to Have fun on Halloween

photo: macy.mccann

13. Watch a Halloween Movie

Nancy Drew movie 13 Ways to have fun on Halloween

There are so many movie choices that are perfect for the spooky season! Check out our 10 of our Favorite Halloween Movies for Kids for some inspiration!

Well, it just so happened that our list finished at #13! Perfect for Halloween!

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13 great ways to have fun this Halloween Pinterest pin

Thanks for reading and if you have a fun way you like to spend your Halloween, let us know in the comments below!

Happy Halloween!

April & Cenzia

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