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14 Fun Valentine's Day Cards to DIY

Making Valentines is so much fun and a fabulous way to let your friends and family know that you're thinking of them!

14 fun Valentine's Day Cards to DIY for boys and girls

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Valentine's Day is absolutely one of our very favorite holidays!

Whether it's making and giving out valentines, decorating our house or enjoying some extra special chocolates, we have a lot of fun on Valentine's Day!

14 Valentines cards for boys and girls to DIY

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So, every year since Cenzia was old enough to know what a Valentine was, we've made Valentine's Day cards to send to family and friends.

Here is a round up of 14 of our favorite Valentines cards that we've had a lot of fun making and think you will too!

We have included a variety of styles, so there are plenty of options that appeal to girls and boys of various ages!

Some of these Valentine Cards are really quick to make and some are a little more involved. You choose whichever appeals to you and your kids!

Valentine's Day Bingo

14 Fun Valentine's Day Cards to DIY

1. Fish Valentines

Fish heart valentines diy craft for boys and girls

These valentines were some of our very favorites (we do say that about all of our Valentine's cards, though!)

We made these for our family and friends one year and the next year for Valentine's Day we used it as a Girl Scout activity and it was a big hit!

We were hesitant to buy the craft heart punches that were needed because we thought, 'When are we ever going to use these again?'

Well, we've actually used them a ton over the years - for sure for Valentine's Day! The papercraft heart punches are also easy for kids to use and make lots of hearts! More hearts = more Valentine fun!

So, in addition to the heart craft punch tools, you really only need scrapbook paper or colorful construction paper, markers and google eyes are not mandatory, but certainly make a fun addition!

  • Using the larger heart paper craft punch, cut two large hearts and glue together on a card

  • Punch out a medium sized heart and glue it on for the tail

  • Glue on googley eyes, if using

  • Use markers to add scales (and eyes if not using google eyes)

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2. Crayon 'Color My World' Valentine Hearts

crayon hearts 14 Valentine's Day craft for boys and girls

photo: Princess Pinky Girl

Crayon Heart Valentines are the perfect way to use those crayons that have seen their day!

It's fun, easy and the result is so cool not to mention it gives those old crayons new life!

Crayon Heart Valentines Directions

  • Remove the paper wrappers from crayons

  • Break up crayons and group colors

  • Put the broken crayons in a silicone heart mold

  • Put heart mold on a stiff baking pan to make removing them from the oven easier.

  • Bake at 240 degrees for 15 - 20 minutes or until fully melted.

  • Remove from oven and cool completely.

Pair these fun colorful heart crayons with a little card to brighten up a friend's Valentine's Day!

3. Teddy 'I Love You Bear-y Much' Valentine Cards

Teddy Bear 14 DIY Valentine's Day card craft for boys and girls

Teddy Bear Valentine Directions

  • Using a teddy bear cookie cutter, trace the cookie cutter shape on a piece of brown paper.

  • Cut it out and glue on a piece of cardstock or other blank card.

  • Cut light brown paper for a muzzle, belly, inner paws and ears.

  • Cut out a heart from felt using a cookie cutter as a shape, or use a paper punch for a glue- friendly paper heart.

  • Glue the heart in the center of the bear.

  • Using markers, draw on a face!

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4. Love Is An Open Door! I Adoore You Valentines

14 DIY Valentines Cards craft for boys or girls with doors

We featured these 'I A-door-e You' Valentines on the blog a little while back and they quickly became a Valentine's Day card favorite!

Visit DIY Valentine's Day Cards - I A-door-e You! for the full tutorial!

There are so many different ways to have fun creating these door valentines! They are the perfect DIY for your budding designer or architect!

5. Snowman, You Melt My Heart! Valentine Bookmark Cards

snowman 14 valentines bookmarks for boys or girls using hearts

These Snowman Valentine cards make wonderful bookmarks too!

They're easy, fun and only require small amounts of different papers and ribbon, so they are a perfect way to use up some leftover crafting supplies!

Heart craft punches make this super simple, but if you don't have them, don't worry! You can cut out your own paper hearts using the traditional heart folding method and they will look terrific too!

Snowman Valentine Bookmarks Directions

  • Using fancy edged scissors, cut blank cardstock or watercolor paper into into bookmarks.

  • Cut out large and small hearts for the bottom and middle of the snowman body.

  • Draw the upper body, face and arms with markers or colored pencils

  • Using bits of ribbon, make the snowman hats!

Don't forget to personalize your Snowman bookmarks with a sweet message to warm your Valentine's heart!

6. I 'Tweet-ally Love You!' Bird Valentines

Bird 14 Valentine Cards DIY for boys and girls teens to make

These sweet lovebirds valentines are very easy to make and fun to customize!

Lovebirds Valentines Directions

  • Cut out two pieces of card stock and punch holes at the top.

  • Thread ribbon through the holes and make a knot to secure the ribbon to the card.

  • Draw on two birds sitting on branches.

  • Paint or draw hearts around the birds.

  • Add eyes and a beak and wings or extra embellishments if you wish!

love birds sitting on a branch for Valentine's Day

7. Collage Valentines

14 Valentine's Day cards to make collage with red and patterned paper activity for boys and girls

This lovely collage was created after seeing the tutorial in Usborne's 365 Things to Make and Do!

The Usborne books are always filled to the brim with fun and crafty inspiration, and there are some other great 365 books available as well!

Valentine's Day Collage Directions

  • Find pink, red or white magazine pages, flyers or other light papers.

  • Tear/cut up the paper into uneven pieces.

  • Use a large sheet of cardstock, watercolor paper or other heavy paper as a backdrop.

  • Glue collage papers on to the base and let dry.

  • Optional Step: Modpodge over for a more glossy look.

  • Use a heart paper punch to cut out hearts and glue onto premade cards!

  • Or, cut the collage into postcard-sized cards and send them that way!

  • Tip: Want to leave it as a single collage? Cut it in half! One half can be a piece of art for Valentines Day, and use a mini heart punch for the other half!

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt printable instant digital download kids

8. Love Bug Valentine's Day Card

14 Diy crafts Valentine's Day cards craft for boys and girls

photo: Kids Activities Blog

  • Use a heart paper punch to cut out hearts of chosen colors.

  • Overlap the hearts and glue on card

  • For the card, use pre-made ones, or cut heavy paper into postcard-sized cards as the backdrop!

  • Cut out a circle and glue at the beginning of the hearts.

  • Draw a smile and glue google eyes for the face, and little legs at the bottom!

9. Birds of a Feather Flock Together Flamingo Valentines

Flamingo valentine card craft for boys and girls Valentine's Day

We found the idea for these Flamingo Valentines in a magazine for kids years ago and absolutely had the best time putting them together!

This was another Valentine card that we did with our Girl Scout troop and the scouts had a lot of fun changing it up with different colored feathers and patterned papers.

Flamingo Valentine card diy craft for boys and girls

With a paper heart and beak, pink chenille sticks, some feathers and google eyes, this Flamingo Valentine is easy to assemble with some tacky glue!

Not a flamingo fan? Just change the colors and shorten the legs for a different bird valentine!

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10. 'Ride for Two' Hot Air Balloon Cards

balloon 14 diy valentine card craft for boys and girls

Hot Air Balloon Valentines Directions

  • Cut cardstock or other heavy paper to desired shape/size as the base. Feel free to use fancy scissors!

  • Using a heart punch, cut out small hearts from scrapbook paper, photos, or painted paper (see painted paper below)

  • Glue two hearts a little distance apart from one another and let dry.

  • Draw baskets a couple inches beneath each heart. Draw lines connecting the heart to the basket.

  • Draw clouds and a ribbon/curved line connecting the two baskets.

pink bunny ballerina sticker

11. Super Simple Fingerprint Butterfly Valentines

Butterfly Valentine 14 DIY Valentine card crafts for boys and girls

Fingerprint Butterly Valentines Directions

  • Cut cardstock or other heavy paper to desired shape/size as the base. Feel free to use fancy scissors!

  • Using a butterfly punch, cut out the middle of the card.

  • On the inside, use an ink pad and make to finger prints in the shape of a heart or butterfly!

  • Embellish the outside of the card as desired.

  • Fun saying idea: 'You make my heart flutter' or 'Happy Heart Day!'

12. Baa Baa Love Sheep DIY Valentines

Valentines card diy for boys and girls two sheep holding a heart

We really like sheep! Watching Shaun the Sheep always made us laugh and Rob Scotton's books starring Russell the Sheep are super fun and some of our fave picture books too!

So, if you have a sheep fan in the house too, they are sure to enjoy making these Valentines!

Valentine's Day card craft diy for boys and girls sheep holding heart

Sheep Valentines Directions

  • Using a premade or handcut card, glue on a piece of rectangular colored paper.

  • Dip cotton balls into white paint and blot on the colored paper in two circles.

  • Glue on sheep faces - these can be drawn and cut out or printed clip art.

  • Use a craft paper heart punch and make a heart out of paper of choice, then put in the middle of the two sheep.

  • With a marker, draw hooves, and arm-hooves holding the heart.

13. You're The Bees' Knees Lotion Bar Valentine

heart shaped lotion bars diy valentine craft for boys and girls

Remember those heart-shaped silicone molds we used for the Color My World Valentines above? Well, here's another fun way to use those heart-shaped molds!

Natural ingredients make this heart lotion bar a wonderful mini Valentine's Gift for friends and family and is perfect for winter!

Bees Knees Lotion Bar Recipe


  • 1 cup of coconut oil

  • 1 cup of shea butter (or cocoa butter or a mix of the two)

  • 1 cup beeswax

  • 15 - 25 drops essential oil (optional) - we like a citrus blend like this one which pairs nicely with the lotion ingredients

  • Heart-shaped silicone molds


  • Put coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax in a double boiler. Heat until melted

  • When melted, remove from heat

  • Let cool just a bit then add essential oils, if using

  • Pour into heart molds and let cool

  • Lotion hearts will pop easily out of the molds

  • To gift: Wrap in a clear treat bag or mini jar

Lotion Bars will keep for up to one year in a sealed jar.

14. Painted Paper Valentines

painted heart Valentine's Day card diy craft for boys and girls

Here's another DIY that we originally found in the Usborne 365 Things To Make and Do book!

This painted heart valentine is a very fun process art piece and the final result is unique and is sure to delight!

painted paper diy craft Valentine's Day card for boys and girls

Painted Paper Valentine Directions

  • Using sturdy carkstock, mixed media or watercolor paper paint thick lines going across the page (we prefer to turn the paper the landscape direction for this diy)

  • Let dry (watercolor and acrylic paints dry very quickly!)

  • go back and add thin lines using thin markers. Sharpies work best for this.

  • Draw hearts, flowers, squiggly lines - whatever you fancy!

  • Embellish more with polka dots or other artistic inspiration

  • Cut out heart shapes using either a heart-shaped craft punch or with scissors and cookie cutter for a guide

  • Glue painted hearts onto blank cards to make your finished Valentines!

There are many ways to use these painted paper valentines. The Hot Air Balloon Valentines DIY above is one of our faves!

For an elegant and artsy valentine, use the heart shaped paper craft punch to cut out a painted heart and glue onto a blank card for a unique valentine!

Valentine's Day Bingo

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14 fun Valentine's Day cards to diy craft for boys and girls

Whether you're making valentines to share or just looking for a fun craft to do around Valentine's Day, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate!

Be sure to visit our blog post 14 Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day for terrific inspiration!

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We hope you have just as much fun this Valentine's Day as we're planning to!

Happy Valentine's Day!

April & Cenzia

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