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The Easter Egg by Jan Brett - An Eggstraordinary Picture Book Feature for Easter + Fun Activities!

Featuring stunning artwork, a lovable bunny star, and a sweet springtime tale, The Easter Egg by Jan Brett is a perfect read for the Easter holiday!

The Easter egg Picture book by Jan Brett with Easter Bunny

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Well, Easter is right around the corner and with it comes egg decorating, sweets and springtime blossoms, and of course, our favorite, the Easter Bunny!

We all look forward to Mr. Bunny's annual visit! He is quite the artist with the egg decorating, and has a sixth sense when it comes to candy and chocolate preferences!

Easter Egg coloring The Easter Egg by Jan Brett

We have plenty of fun posts featuring books and fun for this time of year!

Here are just a few:

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett centers around Hoppi, a determined little bunny who's got a goal: if he can create the best egg, he will have the treat of being able to join the Easter Bunny on his Easter morning deliveries!

illustration from The Easter egg by Jan Brett picture book for boys and girls

Easier said then done, though, Hoppi soon finds himself in need of some inspiration and ideas for his project.

cherry blossom tree in springtime

Taking a trip into the forest, Hoppi comes across a very special egg that leads to an adventure of it's own!

illustration from the book, The Easter Egg by Jan Brett shows a bunny wearing a bonnet and dress planting flowers in colorful Easter eggs.

Hoppi's quest to decorate his egg, the hustle and bustle of springtime with the busy bunnies and the robin family in the treetops are brought to life with each illustration!

Filled with Easter cheer, you'll enjoy this adorable story and its dazzling art each time you turn the page!

illustration from book The Easter Egg by Jan Brett shows two bunnies sitting with baskets filled with decorated Easter eggs

As with all of her books, Jan Brett keeps readers entertained with a secondary story interwoven in the illustration borders- it always adds such a fun element to keep your eye out for it as you go along!

Easter bunny illustration Jan Brett The Easter egg book for boys and girls

After following the bunnies on their artistic adventures, you'll be motivated to decorate lots of eggs this Easter!

We've always been fans of all of Jan Brett's gorgeous picture books! Each is fabulous in it's own way, with timeless stories and intricate illustrations that are just incredible!

illustration from Jan Brett's The Easter Egg - bunny with hat, dress and slippers paints an Easter egg while outside

The Easter Egg is no exception, and it's the perfect choice for Easter, or any other time you want to enjoy some bunny cheer in your day!

Jan Brett The Easter egg illustration of bunnies book for boys and girls

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Fun Extras to Go Along with The Easter Egg!

1. Decorate and Color some Easter Eggs!

After you're done coloring your hard-boiled eggs, here is another way to enjoy the art of egg decorating!

book cover Artful Eggs from Around the World shows coloring book version of egg

2. Make a Paper Easter Egg Garland!

egg garland and bunnnies on fireplace mantle easter decor

This is an easy craft for young artists that is fun to do and hang up every year at Easter time!

  • Cut out paper in the shape of eggs - if you have an egg-shaped cookie cutter, that helps. Otherwise just freehand a drawing and do the best you can!

  • Decorate each paper egg with markers, crayons, pencils, stickers, bits of ribbon - anything goes!

  • punch holes in the top of the eggs with a hole punch. If you don't have a hole-punch tool, just poke a hole carefully using a pen or pencil

  • Decide where you'd like to hang your garland and make an estimate of how much yarn or string you need.

  • Thread the decorated paper eggs through a length of string or yarn and hang it up!

  • Secure your garland in place with poster putty, double sided stickies or even a small piece of packing tape!

  • Stand back and admire your handiwork!

3. Enjoy Some Mini Crustless Quiche!

mini crustless quiche recipe

Keeping with the egg theme, these adorable and delicious Mini Egglette Quiches are the perfect addition to your Easter brunch!

Our super simple recipe is healthy, filled with flavors, and can be made in a muffin tin!

4. Visit Jan Brett's Website!

Visit Jan Brett's page for more fun by this author/illustrator featuring the bunnies from The Easter Egg, as well as her many other books!

Jan Brett website header with Easter bunny illustrations

5. Learn About the Famous Fabergé Eggs!

Faberge egg pink with jewels

Visit here to see more of these historical and beautiful creations!

This article has both the history and gorgeous photos to go along with the Fabergé eggs!

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Pinterest pin for The Easter Egg by Jan Brett Picture Book shows Bunny and Easter eggsfeature

We hope you enjoyed this post and the fun extras! The Easter Egg is such a great read for one of our very favorite holidays!

Looking For Another Easter Activity?

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What are some of your favorite springtime and Easter titles? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a very Happy Easter!

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