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25+ Gifts for the Easter Basket- Shop Local for Last Minute Gifts!

The best Easter Gift Guide to round out the sweets and chocolate in your little bunny's Easter Basket this year!

bunny sitting on table best Easter gifts

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When the sun is up longer, and the flowers are starting to poke their heads up, we know spring is here and Easter is just around the corner!

Easter eggs best gifts for Easter

Egg coloring and Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny dropping off something special in a basket and decorating are all a part of the holiday, and these fab gifts will be the perfect addition to an Easter Basket or surprise package!

Best Easter Gifts Glitter Fancy Sassy Sak with Pink Unicorn by Douglas

We've put together a guide to great gifts for the kiddos this year that will be enjoyed long after the chocolate bunnies and jelly beans have disappeared!

Happy Easter Scavenger Hunt Printable

Another fun thing about non-sweet Easter Basket surprises is they don't melt, so if you want to send a little Easter cheer to someone via mail, there's no worries about it getting there safely.

Easter pink toy car with chicks in window display at G. Willikers toy store Saratoga, New York

Running short on time? No worries! Shop local to get those gifts ASAP and support your small businesses!

Best Easter gifts Window display G. Willikers toy shop Saratoga NY with Easter Bunny

Love this toy store's Spring window display!

Our gift guide has something for every bunny whose basket needs a visit this year, and gift ideas are all personal favorites or things we thought looked fun and interesting!

Window display at G. Willikers Saratoga Easter

We adore the April Showers display at a local toy store! So fun!!

From classic toys to craft kits and car-inspired games, here's the best Easter Basket extras gift guide!

Hydro football in box at toy store

Looking for books that make great additions to the Easter basket? Check out our 25 Best Easter Books for Your Little Bunny's Easter Basket!

25 Easter Books illustrated bunny from Richard Scarry's Book shows little bunny under mushroom

If you're looking for a fabulous book with fun activities to go along with it, you'll adore this post featuring Jan Brett's amazing book, The Easter Egg!

Easter Bunny Ballerina pink sticker

Here are 25+ Gifts for the Easter Basket!

When it comes to egg coloring, there's always a new way to decorate and design!

We came across this EggMazing Coloring Machine at the toy store and had to include it in this guide!

Easter egg coloring Egg Mazing Egg Decorator for boys and girls

From the many ideas offered on Pinterest to the traditional egg dying method, there's no wrong way to enjoy egg decorating!

The EggMazing Egg Decorator spins your blank egg canvas while you use a marker to turn it into a work of art! Non-toxic markers are included and there's both a traditional version and a bunny one!

Miniature animal families are the perfect gift for hours of play, imagination and fun!

All kinds of animals and tons of accessories and dollhouse-style sets make Calico Critters such a cute gift for Easter!

Calico Critters Hoppin' Easter Set bunny gifts for boys and girls

Whether you know a devoted Calico Critters fan or are introducing them for the first time, these posable families will be a hit! Bunny families and this Calico Critters Easter Hoppin' Set are fun to go along with the holiday too!

Calico Critters 25 best gifts for boys and girls

Be sure to check out this super fun post below featuring Calico Critters!

Calico Critters Make Your Own Flower Wall

Dolls are a time-tested toy and continue to be a favorite!

25 Best kids gifts for Easter, Christmas or Birthdays  Baby dolls

If your little bunny loves playing house or having pretend parties, a baby doll is a sweet surprise to add to that Easter basket!

Playmobil has a wide variety of playsets and themes that make them popular with a big audience!

25 Best kids gifts for Easter, Christmas or Birthdays Playmobil

From every day activities like shopping to fantasical themes like dinosaurs, royalty and fairies, there are plenty of sets and figures that Playmobil offers that are perfect for popping in that Easter Basket!

Playmobil Fairies Garden Play gift for girls Easter Christmas

A great way to tap into your creative side, Fashion Plates has been a popular item for aspiring designers and fashionistas alike!

Fashion Plates Design mix and match fashions gift for girls

The larger fashion plates sets have different themes and are perfect for spreading out and spending an afternoon sketching and designing, while the smaller version is wonderful for travel!

These logic games are both entertaining and educational, which is always great! Brainteasers that take on a unique twist, these are games and puzzles you won't want to miss! Here are just a few options...

Cat Crimes / Dog Crimes

A relatable pair of games that any family with pets will appreciate for sure!

Thankful games Dog Crimes Who's to Blame  logic game gift for boys and girls

Figure out who committed the household crime in these furry logic games that will be a hit with anyone who has a soft spot for four-legged friends!

Each game is the same idea, with one focusing on felines, and the other on pups! Narrow down the suspects with the clue cards that range from easy to hard in both Cat Crimes and Dog Crimes!

The Rush Hour Traffic Jam

This logic game is fun for car lovers and future drivers alike, and has plenty of puzzles included to keep you on your toes!

Thankful Rush Hour Traffic Jam Logic Game gift for boys and girls

The goal is to escape from the traffic jam in this on-the-road themed game which is a bestseller and also has a Junior version for younger players!

ThinkFun Chocolate Fix Logic Game

Love chocolate? So do we! This sweet treat game is a tasty way to make your brain think and is similar to classics such as sudoku, but with a delicious twist!

Thankful Chocolate Fix Sweet Logic Game gifts for boys girls and teens

Figure out where the chocolates need to be placed and make your brain work every time! Chocolate Fix by Thinkfun makes a great gift and is fun to play by yourself or take turns with a friend or family member!

Squishable Pillows

Looking for a fuzzy, funny addition to the Easter morning surprises?

These super adorable and soft pillows will look extra cheerful tucked in an Easter Basket, and there's a ton of styles and sizes to choose from!

Squishable pillow chocolate best gifts for boys and girls teens and tweens

From the squishable "comfort foods" like avocados, chocolate and ice cream, to animals to super fun ones like an undercover corgi in an avocado, these cutie pie pillows will be a fun addition for gifting!

Usborne Sticker Books

Usborne sticker books are always a fabulous choice for gift-giving!

Usborne Sticker Dolly Dressing Mermaids book for girls

With different sticker book themes for all interests, these are beautifully designed sticker books that are great for hours of play and on-the-go fun!

Mermaids, Dragons, Diggers, Zoo, Atlas, Houses Through Time and Nature are just some of the few of the sticker books that Usborne has available and make amazing gifts!!

Usborne Dragons Sticker Book for boys and girls with dragons flying around a castle

Pink Easter Bunny Ballerina sticker

Tonka Trucks, Pull Back Cars and Planes

Have a kid who 'digs' trucks and construction, vehicles or loves to move and groove?! Here are some super fun toys to include!

Tonka Mud Rescue, Micro Metals, trucks for driving and digging are perfect for pretend play and exercising that imagination! Pull-back Speedy Planes and cars add to the fun and fit perfectly next to the chocolate bunny!

 Manhattan Toy Company Speedy Plane pull back wood toy for boys and girls

What better gift to enjoy this spring than a Fairy Garden Kit? This magical set comes with all the items you need to grow your own garden, and paintable fairy house!

Best gifts boys and girls Creativity for Kids Fairy Garden Wee Enchanted gift set

For another fab activity, you can make your own DIY fairy garden - check out our Fairy Garden Post here! Put together a custom kit for your budding gardener with seeds, fairy garden furniture and accessories for a unique twist!

There's nothing like a Schleich play toy to spur the imagination!

Whether your kid loves to pretend they're on safari, exploring the ocean or chasing a unicorn, these Schleich play figurines have something for every kid and interest!

Schleich play figurines tiger, lions and polar bears gifts for boys and girls

From dinosaurs to unicorns, farmyard to safari, Schleich has every animal and creature your child could want to keep their imagination busy with unlimited stories and open-ended play!

Retro Toys and Games

These throwback toys will be a hit for everyone! Retro toys and games like Risk and Lite Brite are timeless favorites fun for the whole family!

Lite Brite retro toy gifts for boys and girls Easter

From Nerf balls and footballs to Rubik's cubes to games like this great Junior version of the Game of Life, Guess Who and Alligator Dentist will round out the fun and refuel your choices for family game night!

These one-of-a-kind craft kits are 100% organic and natural, and 100% perfect for anyone who loves creating something special and getting crafty over spring break!

All natural kits on store shelf for Soap making, lip gloss crafts for boys and girls

A variety of DIY kits from Bath Bombs to Lava Lip Balm make it easy to find a winner for the Easter basket!

If you love cracking open a fortune cookie, you'll have a blast with this classic Fortune Telling Magic Fish! Don't worry, they're not real fish!

Fortune Telling Magic Fish pac of six fun gift for boys and girls

These fun fortunes come in a pack of six, perfect for sharing with friends or family for some silly Easter fun! Place these guppies in the palm of your hand and watch your fate appear!

This all-natural play dough is a newer take on a classic kid favorite!

Natural ingredients and colors make it a sustainable and smart choice for playing and the different colors and designs (and glitter on some!)

Easter basket with gifts for boys and girls toys

Land of Dough adds extra fun to play dough and will look super cute in the Easter Basket!

The land of dough fun play dough toys for boys and girls

Find out more about these really cool updated versions of play clay from this ingenious company- The Land of Dough!

There's something about this putty that kids really like!

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty gifts for boys and girls

Both a stress release and a fun texture, Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty comes in a variety of colors and styles, making it easy to gift one in your bunny's basket!

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25 best Easter gifts for boys and girls

Looking for some more Easter fun? Check out our Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt!

Free Printable Easter Scavenger Hunt game for boys and girls

We hope you had fun checking out all of these fun ideas to add to the Easter Basket or for future gift-giving!

Have a great gift idea for the Easter Basket? Let us know in the comments below!

Love to photograph your Easter Baskets as much as we do? Be sure to tag us @mykidzbookshelf so we can admire it too!

Happy Easter!

Cenzia & April

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