Happy Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt Free Printables! - A Fun Way to Celebrate the Holiday + Books!

Have fun and celebrate the Fourth of July with this themed Scavenger Hunt!

Patriotic and a great way to enjoy the holiday, these Free Printable Scavenger Hunts will be the perfect addition to your July 4th celebration!

July Fourth fireworks at night over a lake

Love July 4th and looking for a fun way to add to the weekend's festivities?

A Scavenger Hunt is a great way to get moving, stay entertained, and spot bits of July 4th fun along the way!

Headed to the beach for the holiday? Get organized and have the kids help with this colorful Beach Day Packing List!

The Best Beach Day Packing List printable kids help organize

We always look for fun books to go along with whatever holiday we're celebrating! Here are a few to enjoy with your young reader that connect with July 4th and the United States!

how to make a cherry pie and see the U.S.A. picture books for July fourth Holiday celebrate with kids

In How to Make a Cherry Pie and see the U.S.A., a young baker and her dog travel around the America to gather materials to make her baking tools!

From riverboat, to train, to taxi and plane, the reader gets to see where our natural resources come from and enjoy the various modes of transportation to get there! A fabulous book from a two-time Caldecott Honor illustrator,

The American Girl books are fabulous choices for learning about American history. The Felicity books make a perfect addition to your reader's July 4th bookshelf!

Feisty Felicity is growing up in Colonial America, and while she's expected to be a lady, Felicity has loves horses more than sewing and tea parties!

Here's the full series!

Between helping a horse in need of rescue from it's owner, hearing whispers of a revolution, and having friends on both sides of the cause, Felicity's adventures will send readers back in time and racing through her story!

How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A. is perfect for Independence Day and great for any young reader's bookshelf!

Adele and Simon in America picture book for kids

Adéle & Simon in America by Barbara McClintock is another great picture book that is perfect to read and one of our very favorites! This brother and sister duo are visiting their Aunt Cecile in America and she takes them on a summer-long excursion to see the sights of America!

Gorgeous illustrations, additional fun facts at the end of the book along with an I-Spy incorporated make Adéle & Simon in America that your young reader will love reading again and again!!

Our third book to include was one that we found years ago in in the library is Apple Pie 4th of July. This fabulously illustrated picture book is filled with food, fireworks and family!

When her parents insist on selling their regular Chinese fare on July 4th, their daughter tries to convince them to go along with the holiday like everybody else!

By the end of the night, however, she realizes that there are all kinds of ways to celebrate the Fourth of July in this festive and sweet holiday tale! P.S. You'll definitely be wanting some Chinese food and apple pie by the end of the book!

We were inspired by Apple Pie Fourth of July to make this a tradition and have Chinese food and apple pie for many years! The backer and husband/father of this blogging duo is from China and was very happy to enjoy both Chinese take-out and his favorite dessert!

little girl in swingy dress holding the American flag while running in her back yard

Short on time, or searching for a ready to go Scavenger Hunt? This Fourth of July Scavenger Hunt Free Printable is the perfect choice!

Happy 4th of July Scavenger Hunt free printable for kids fun summer

There are so many fun things to do and keep your eye out for on July 4th, including flags and decorations, bright flowers, fun sunglasses, festive balloons and so much more!

picnic blanket with sandals, hat, strawberries, sunglasses and book

Picnics, drive-in movies, backyard grilling, and hanging by the pool are other perfect places to fit in a scavenger hunt!

Have fun ideas you want to include in your scavenger hunt?

If you'd like to customize your own fun July 4th Scavenger Hunt, here is one that is easy to fill in!

Coming up with ideas and things to find is part of the fun of a Scavenger Hunt too!

Happy 4th of July Scavenger Hunt Free Printable for kids fun summer

Click here to print or download this July 4th Scavenger Hunt Fill In Printable!

Whether you make it a competition with prizes and rules, or spread out your Scavenger Hunt over the weekend, these festive, free and patriotic Printables are so much fun for the Fourth of July!

Looking for a fun way to end your holiday? Fireworks, BBQS and games are all fun options, and roasting s'mores over this City Bonfire too!

Petite yet functional, these City Bonfires are perfect for tabletop use on July 4th and all year long!

fireworks in a night sky

Looking for more summer fun? Our Summer Bucket List Printable offers plenty of fabulous ideas to have a blast this summer!

Summer Bucket List printable kids fun things to do keep busy best summer

Patriotic popsicles with blueberries, strawberries on a plate

You can also extend the fun by doing both of these printables!

You can find the July Fourth fun on our Pre-Made Printable, and fill out your own ideas as well if you're in the mood for double the fun!

dog holding an American flag with a flag banner behind him

For additional memories, and to round out your Scavenger Hunt, try taking some pics of some of the things you find on your list!

You can also write down anything extra-special or memorable you saw, even if it wasn't on the scavenger hunt!

A cute dog dressed up, a store decked out in stars and stripes, or a patriotic mural or sign are all things you'll want to remember your scavenger hunt by!

Blue Angels airplanes with red white and blue smoke trails
Happy 4th of July Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

Click here to print or download this super fun July 4th Scavenger Hunt Printable!

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Happy July 4th!

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