Make Your Own A-Door-Able Altoid Tin! A Fun DIY Craft for Kids of All Ages!

Create your own A-Door-Able Altoid Mint Tin with this cute DIY!

Easy and fun to make and decorate, DIY your own cute door front with a repurposed Altoid mint tin for your dolls or miniatures to enjoy!

Both affordable and a blast to use afterwards, find out how to makeover an Altoid mint tin and turn it into a fab miniature door you'll love!

This project is fun for kids, teens and adults- customize this craft to whomever is interested!

Repurposing an Altoid or other mint tin is a fabulous way to get crafty, creative and find a new use for something you already have!

I wanted to DIY a picture-perfect door-theme for a fun mini mint tin 'makeover'!

Sweet, super simple and using only a few supplies, you can make your own version of this fun creation in an afternoon!

I had so much fun coming up with my Home Sweet Home Tin DIY, that I knew I had to dream up one more to make!

Love looking at those iconic and colorful doors around the world on Pinterest? So do we!

Fun, colorful and so dazzling with an eye-popping array of hues, make your own mini version of your favorite door to use as storage, a portable dollhouse, or to gift to someone special!

Whether you're in love with retro Palm Springs doors, London's Notting Hill houses, or want to replicate a favorite fictional home, you can personalize this project to be your dream doorfront!

Need inspiration? Here are a few ideas for Door Themes:

  • A door from a favorite book!

  • An iconic door you love

  • A door from a favorite movie or TV show

  • Your own front door!

  • A door in your favorite color

  • A door inspired by a hobby- flowers for gardening, music notes if you play an instrument, or lots of blue and some shells glued around the door if you enjoy swimming!

  • Animals/Pets

  • Travel/Hotel door

  • Business-bakery, shopping, etc

  • Garden/Fairy door

  • Vacation Door

Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters babies, Polly Pocket dolls, and other mini toys will fit into this cute door-front creation that's both super portable and so pretty!

If you've ever searched 'mint tin craft' on Pinterest, there's plenty of amazing mini art to catch your eye and tempt you to try an Altoid mint tin craft yourself!

When I looked for inspiration for this Altoid tin project, I saw so many terrific ideas! This mini printable really caught my eye, as did this list of terrific uses for Altoid tins!

They make me want to try every one of the various 'makeovers' that have been dreamed up by creative bloggers, crafters and artists to reuse an old mint tin for something new!

Another fun idea for DIY dollhouse furniture? This Mini Matchbox Dollhouse Dresser DIY is so quick to make for your dolls, Calico Critters, or to gift to someone who likes small things!

Perfect for Sylvanian Families/Calico Critters, mini Barbies, or other small toys, this A-Door-Able Tin Craft is super easy and cute to DIY today!

Don't have a mint tin handy? You can purchase them for crafting here!

A-Door-Able Altoid Mint Tin DIY


  • Mint Tin

  • Scrapbooking / Decorative papers

  • Faux pearls / Beads

  • Ribbon

  • Glue

  • Scissors

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Stickers

  • Extra Embellishments of choice-i.e. faux rhinestones, sequins, mini shells or scraps of fabric

Step One: Trace around the top and bottom of the mint tin on paper of choice and cut it out.

Step Two: Using a ruler, measure out a little square shape on your paper and use it as a template for your door panels and/or windows.

Repeat the step with different window/panel sizes if desired.

Step Three: Trace around your template and cut out your door panels/window squares. Repeat with all sizes.

Step Four: Glue your large panels on the door-shaped piece of paper and let dry.

Step Five: Glue your door paper onto the mint tin and let dry, then add the smaller panels on.

Step Six: Lay your tin flat and glue on your bead, gem or button for the doorknob.

Lay flat and let dry.

Step Seven: Add embellishments of choice!

Use ribbon or scraps of paper for curtains, draw details on for a wooden door, or glue a paper bird or tiny cactus to add some personality!

And you're finished!

You now have a lovely door tin you made yourself to keep and admire or give as a gift!

Simple enough to finish in an afternoon, this DIY craft is great for kids or teens and can be done again and again for different variations!

Love these mini models? Here are the Calico Critters (called Sylvanian Families if you live in the UK), who helped out with the photoshoot:

Also assisting with the mini Altoid mint tin photo shoot were two of the World's Smallest Barbies, found here!

Whether you choose to make your door whimsical and artsy, or opt for cute and classic, this easy and affordable DIY repurposed Altoid tin tutorial fits all your crafting wishes!

Hope you enjoyed this mini tin makeover DIY craft!

Have fun making an amazing little door tin for your miniatures or to tuck something special away inside!

Be sure to Pin this post for later so you can check back for the ideas and tutorial!

Super sweet and special, exercise your creative side with this DIY and be sure to tag us on social media @mykidzbookshelf so we can see your wonderful creations!!

Happy Crafting!


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