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25 Mother's Day Wish List Gift Ideas!

With Mother's Day just around the corner, here are 25 gift ideas that are fun, affordable and are sure to bring a smile to your mom's face!

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I love Mother's Day! Months in advance of the holiday I have fun doing a little internet shopping, perusing stores or just keeping my eyes open for a little something for the special day!

To be absolutely honest, my very favorite gifts are not the ones you find in a store or online.

I adore my daughter's handmade cards that she has crafted for me every year since she could hold a crayon.

Whenever my bestie (my daughter & blogging partner!) asks me what I would like for Mother's Day, my first choice is a card she has created!

She enjoys making collage cards like her Mixed Media DIY post here.

Secondly, and certainly as much as her beautiful handcrafted creations, I just like to spend time with my family. As you can see below, my daughter and I like taking selfies more than my husband!

mother and daughter wearing flower shaped sunglasses

It doesn't have to be costly or fancy either! Over the years it has actually become more simple - a walk together in the neighborhood, takeout from a local restaurant or a drive to a fun spot to look around and enjoy the day!

Looking for some inspiration for how to spend the day? Here are 15 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day that are simple, affordable and even free!

Mother's Day coupon printable free with hearts and rainbows

It includes these super cute Mother's Day Coupon Printables that are great for a personalized gift option that is completely free!

To be perfectly honest, though, I have taken full advantage of the special day to treat myself when something catches my eye!

If the urge to give in and purchase precedes Mother's Day, I reassure my family that they don't have to worry about a gift because I already found a really nice gift and will tuck it away!!

Well, I also know what it's like to panic when a holiday approaches and you're trying to think of something for that special someone!

In addition to this terrific Mother's Day Gift Idea and Free Printable, we have put together a super fun, affordable and sweet Wish List for Mother's Day!

Some of these delightful gift ideas, like the City Bonfire, is something I've had my eye on since it showed up online! We read about this super amazing company that was started by two dads whose jobs were affected by the pandemic.

Made in the United States with non-toxic materials, the mini bonfires ship quickly and have thousands of five-star reviews!

city bonfires mini fire pit with marshmallow

I love the idea of a full size fire pit in the back yard, but I know us- we won't like the maintenance nor the potential for bug bites!

This compact version is perfect for small outdoor spaces and can provide all of the fun for a very affordable cost! Love it!

I've hinted very strongly for this and they're offering a discount for Mother's Day!

bouquets of flowers tulips, peonies, flower market

Flowers are always a wonderful gift idea! Whether your mom loves a cut bouquet to adorn a special room in the house or to beautiful blooms to add to a garden or patio container, you can't go wrong with flowers!

This personalized outdoor flower pot is perfect for moms who love gardening or just having a pop of color for the patio!

Every week I've been walking with a couple of other moms at a nearby park and this past week they were singing the praises of these fun nail stickers!

So many colors and they really stay on! Perfect for folks that love the polished look but also want it to last!

Want to make it a gift set? This nail polish bottle holder does a great job of keeping your favorite color right where you need it! Add this Burt's Bees Tips and Toes Gift Set to round out the home salon experience!

Our walking trio also gets a lot of use out of our fitness trackers! Steps, calories, zone minutes and notifications are just a few of the reasons we love using them! Here's one fitness tracker that's a perfect gift option - it's both fashionable and functional!

Speaking of exercise and fitness, this Yoga Dice Kit is perfect for an impromptu and fun way to add some mindful stretching into your day!

Photo Credi: --We can't do that, but are impressed that they can!!

The Yoga Dice Kit includes wooden dice with yoga positions printed on each of the six sides. Just give them a roll and you have an instant yoga routine ready!

We can both highly recommend this Yoga Mat --pair it with the Yoga Dice Kit to make a fun gift! It is super comfortable and the extra cushion makes it easier on your knees or tailbone for positions like cat-cow and bow pose!

Enjoy big sound when listening to your favorite tunes? This Retro Muzen Bluetooth Speaker and Radio has terrific sound quality and looks just as good as it sounds! Portable and wireless, this has got to be one of our favorite electronics!

Photo Credit:

This Dash waffle maker is the perfect little appliance that fits is as cute as it is functional! We have the teal one and love that it makes perfect waffles every time and works great for other purposes as well!

Heat up some tots, grill a sandwich or get creative with any number of recipes in this book! It comes in a variety of colors and hardly takes up any counter space!

Want to make more? Dash also has this waffle maker which will make four mini waffles at a time - perfect for families

Books always make terrific gifts! There are so many great titles that we love from Workman Publishing, it was hard to choose just a few!

Book Nerd by Holly Maguire is the perfect gift book for readers! It has lighthearted quotes, fun observations and interesting info combined with terrific illustrations! Perfect for the book-loving mom!

Looking for an interactive journal to do with your creative son or daughter? A Book About Mom With Words and Pictures By Me is just the one to have fun doing together!

From great prompts to places to draw portraits, this cheery fill-in book (which includes stickers-yay!) is both a great activity to complete together and makes a sweet keepsake!

Have a mom or special woman that you know who loves the culinary arts and spending time creating in the kitchen? The Kitchen Without Borders: Recipes and Stories from Refugee and Immigrant Chefs is the perfect addition to her cookbook library!

This cookbook will make the perfect addition to her recipe library! Filled with recipes from around the world contributed by chefs of diverse backgrounds, The Kitchen Without Borders will be as interesting to read as it will be to recreate the authentic and tantalizing recipes tucked within its pages!

Journals are another option for book lovers who enjoy writing down thoughts when inspiration strikes! Enjoy a pretty journal with pages that are ready to be filled with whatever strikes your fancy?

Here is one that I have on my nightstand! We featured it in a previous Mother's Day post and I just had to have my own copy!

Wants to put together a book gift set? Pair any one of the titles above with this rechargeable book light and pretty bookmarks and you're good to go!

Looking for something for your mom to tote her laptop in? This laptop bag is perfect for the job! Super cute with just the right pop of color, this stylish bag does the job and is sure to please!

Something for now, something for later! Coffee, an elegant boxed tea set and chocolate truffles are always a good choice and don't forget this insulated mug to keep your beverage perfectly hot or chilled!

Personalized photo books or a special photo frame like this one will be appreciated for years to come!

Mother and daughter with sun glasses

Be sure to Pin this post so you can return to it in the future for Mother's Day inspiration and gift ideas!

Have a special gift idea to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Mother's Day!


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Updated post. Originally published on May 3, 2021

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