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15 Special Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day! + Free Printables!

Here are 15 ideas for ways to celebrate Mother's Day that are easy, fun and affordable!

15 Special Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Pinterest pin with journal car, blooms, roses and spa stuff

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Whether you're getting together in person or connecting by phone or FaceTime, every mother loves to feel special!

Spending time together is a wonderful way to show you care, have fun and make memories together!

1. Mom & Daughter Journal/ Grandmother Journal

Have a fun Interview and conversation, whether on the phone or in person!

These journals are a great way to connect and be together even if you're miles apart!

Journals make wonderful gifts that your mom and/or grandmother will cherish and are fun to spend time doing together!

See our complete post for all the details and the free printables!

Post image -A Great Gift Idea for Mother's Day plus Free Printables shows journal book covers with flowers and printable question page with markers, pens and scruchies in background

2. Mother's Day Questionnaire Printables

These pretty printables are similar to the journals above. However, if you want or need a quicker option to enjoy doing a fun Mother's Day Q & A, these printables are the perfect choice!

Mother's Day Questionnaire Free Printable

It's a great way to spend time with your mom or grandmother, whether on the phone or in person!

Plus, you can frame the Mother's Day Questionnaire afterwards for a sweet Mother's Day decoration to enjoy!

See our complete post for all the details and the free printables!

3. A Mother's Day Coupon Book

Mother's Day Coupon Book Free Printable

This is one idea both the mom and daughter from this blogging duo have made as gifts! It's a lot of fun to put together and to come up with the ideas to write on the coupons!

A Mother's Day Coupon Book is simple, requires minimal supplies and is highly customizable!

Paper, a stapler (or hole punch and something to tie it with) and your creative imagination are all you need for a perfect gift!

Here are some ideas for your Mother's Day coupons:

  • One hour of uninterrupted time for watching TV, reading, etc.

  • Sleeping In

  • Take the dog out in the early morning

  • A neck massage

  • One hour of uninterrupted time for watching TV, reading, etc.

  • A back rub

  • After dinner cleanup

  • Make mom's bed

  • Hugs - pick a number

  • Vacuum a room!

  • Do the Laundry (wash, dry, fold & put away!)

  • Make Mom breakfast

  • Paint nails

  • Coffee/Tea date

  • Mom's Choice!

Find our FREE Mother's Day Coupon Book Printable at the end of this post!

4. Make Something Special

Handmade Gifts are treasures to moms and grandmothers everywhere!

The love and care that goes into every creation is there forever and warms the heart every time it's looked at, picked up or held!

Luckily, there are endless options for handmade creations that cost nothing (or very little) and will result in a special gift that provides priceless memories!

Here are some handmade creations that we've made and received over the years for Mother's Day!

5. Create a Handmade Card

mixed media card with house, stamps, washi tape, watercolor palette

Making a special card is always a wonderful way to say Happy Mother's Day!

From watercolors, to drawing or doing collage and mixed media cards, the options are endless!

Whether you send them or give them in person, a card is a fabulous gift that will make your recipient feel super special! Here is a great DIY collage art card!

6. Painted Flower Pot or Painted Vase

Even if flowers aren't typically on your table, a decorated flowerpot or vase is always a beautiful addition to the decor!

Other than faux flowers of course, these pretty vessels can be used to corral office supplies, keys, or make-up brushes!

7. Create a DIY Keepsake Box

Have a favorite memory of you and your mom you want to remind her of?

From vacations to holidays, this Keepsake Box Craft is a great gift to highlight a favorite memory, event or your mom's favorite hobby!

Visit here to find out how to make one with simple supplies!

Fill your DIY keepsake box with photos, tickets, and more to create a fantastic present for Mother's Day!

8. Design an Upcycled Fridge Photo Magnet

This upcycled magnet craft is so easy and customizable, yet it makes the cutest gift!

Here's how to make your own!

9. DIY Your Own Fridge Photo Magnet


  • Unhinged mint tin

  • Glue

  • Scrapbook Paper

  • Ribbon

  • Embellishments of choice-stickers, buttons, sequins etc.

  • Modpodge (optional)


  • Take your unhinged mint tin (like this one) and use the top or bottom (your choice!) as your magnet base

  • Decorate the back of your magnet base with embellishments of choice- decorative papers, a ribbon border, etc.

  • Glue your magnet to the back of the mint tin and let dry.

  • Once glue is dry, add your magnet background on the front of the magnet - it can be scrapbook paper, a magazine cutout, or even stickers!

  • Cut out your photo.

  • Glue photo inside the tin.

  • Go over your photo and backdrop with Mod Podge to seal it from wear.

  • Add any other embellishments to your fridge photo magnet, such as sequins, a button, or glitter glue!

You can personalize them with photos, quotes and more to create a small surprise that can be looked at every day!

10. Mother's Day Brunch!

If staying in is the way you're celebrating this year, then preparing a special brunch will be a wonderful way to celebrate Mom!

You don't have to go crazy with fancy recipes to have a delightful and delicious brunch! Here are some ideas of how to have a successful, but not stressful brunch!

  1. Have a main dish like a quiche and/or overnight baked french toast to take center stage.

  2. Add some sides like hash browns, muffins, bagels or waffles. Any of those can be purchased/made ahead of time and warmed & served the day of the brunch!

  3. Don't forget fruit! Refreshing and colorful fruit cups can look extra fancy when served in parfait glasses!

  4. Beverages will round it all out! Have your mom's favorite coffee/tea or hot cocoa ready and splurge on a fancy juice to offer to make it feel like a restaurant!

  5. Take the time to clear the dining room table off, break out the fancy mats and set the table to make everyone want to sit down and enjoy the meal!

  6. Music is key for setting the mood! Something relaxing- with a slower tempo will round out the perfect brunch!

  7. Post brunch- Mom gets to go relax while the dishes and cleanup are taken care of by the other family members!

Want to go simple but still have a delish breakfast for Mom on Mother's Day?

These mini quiches made in a muffin tin are just the thing!

Does your mom have a sweet tooth but trying to stay on the healthy track?

We love these smoothie bowls! Easy, fast and delish! Dress them up with some fancy fruit and premium dark chocolate and you've got a perfect way to start Mother's Day!

11. Take a Walk!

pink flowering tree with houses in background

Sometimes the simplest activities are just what you need to enjoy this special day!

Take a walk with your mom and chat, snap some photos of flowers you see, and remember to relax and appreciate the moment!

12. Celebrate with some Beautiful Flowers!

yellow roses with pink tips in a bouquet

They add joy to the day and color to your table or garden cheering all who notice their beauty!

Whether it's a bouquet or potted, flowers are nature's way of making us feel wonderful!

purple pansies with porch railing behind

13. Do Something Fun Together!

This could be anything you and your mom like to do together! Play a game, watch a movie, paint your nails or enjoy a cupcake- the ideas are endless!

Whether it's a tried- and-true favorite or something new, doing something together with your mom is the best way to celebrate Mother's Day!

14. Make a Photobook

Photo books are the best if you want to gather favorite photos and treasured memories in one place!

With fun layouts and themes, Shutterfly is one great company you can visit to design a photobook to gift!

Don't have the time to create a photobook at the moment? Print out some pics, find a pretty album- like this one- and include a sweet note! Both are wonderful options that will be looked at and enjoyed!

15. A Stay At Home Spa Treatment!

spa set up with flowers, lotion and candle

I think moms everywhere will agree that this is definitely a favorite and always welcome and appreciated gift!

Whether it's a massage, having your nails done or a relaxing facial, a personalized spa experience is a perfect little dose of 'Get Away from It All Mom Time!'

Present the Stay at Home Spa options, gather your necessary items and play some soothing music to make it the perfect relaxing experience!

16. Get Out and About!

vintage car interior steering

Going for a drive, listening to some music and enjoying the view may be just the thing you need for a little variety this Mother's Day!

Biking is another great idea, which doesn't require a lot of prep or planning, just a bike, helmet and some nice weather!

If the weather is a little less pleasant, do some yoga, or another indoor activity that gets you moving and makes you happy!

Here is the Mother's Day Coupon Book Free Printable...

Just pop your email address in below and this free Mother's Day Coupon Book printable will come right to your inbox!

Sp Day Bingo Game

Well, there you have it! 15 Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day! This was a combined effort and contribution from the mom (April) and daughter (Cenzia) from My Kidz Bookshelf!

Be sure to Pin this post so you can come back for more fabulous Mother's Day ideas!

15 Special Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day Pinterest Pin with printable, car, journal, tree

We both love holidays and have fun spending time together! We hope this post has given you some inspiration for a fun, relaxing and special Mother's Day this year!

What special things do you do to celebrate Mother's Day? Let us know in the comments below!


💗 April & Cenzia


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