Happy Mother's Day! How Many Do You Know? Guess the Famous Moms from Favorite Books!

There are so many mothers and mother figures that play a major or supportive role in kids' books!

We had a lot of fun putting together a post featuring these literary moms!

We've set it up so you can play a 'Guess Who' game with the post!

Just scroll slowly to see the first pic from the book featuring the mother. Then keep scrolling to see if you guessed it right!

Many of these books appear on best children's books lists and are great additions to your bookshelf!

Even if you have left picture books behind, the illustrations alone are a sweet distraction from that house that needs to be cleaned or papers that have to be organized! (I'm (April) talking to myself now!).

Anyway, we hope all of the moms, grandmothers and special women out there have a relaxing and wonderful Mother's Day!!

Time to play 'Guess the Mom'!!

Here's the first mother...

1. Make Way for Ducklings is a wonderful classic picture book that features the ever watchful Mother Duck!

2. Sylvester and the Magic Pebble is beautifully written and illustrated by William Steig. We all feel the mom's emotion when Sylvester has gone missing.

3. Ma Ingalls from The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder has got to be one of the most patient of the literary moms!

After moving from place to place during the pioneer times and raising all those kids, you just can't help but be impressed!

4. Skippyjon Jones' mother- Mama Junebug Jones, has the most hilarious nicknames for her mischief-making son who's a Chihuahua-wannabe-Siamese cat!

Super fun books that are great for reading aloud!

5. Marmee from Little Women faces every day with a choice to make. She chooses to make it a positive one and supports her family, friends and neighbors with grace and kindness despite her own family's constant challenges. Take a peek at our post about Little Women by Louisa May Alcott here!

6. The Mama from Llama, Llama Red Pajama is put to the test when her little llama calls her constantly! Bedtime is tough for little Llama and even more so for Mama!

7. Mrs. Weasley has her own brood of red-haired kids but she wholeheartedly welcomes Harry into the folds of the Weasley family! One of our favorite literary moms for sure!

8. A Chair for My Mother is such a touching story and has remained at the top of many book lists! The illustrations and story will leave a lasting impression on your heart!

9. Mrs. Mouseling handles Angelina Ballerina's many adventures and dancing challenges in stride and with the utmost in patience! Beautifully illustrated, the Angelina Ballerina books have fun stories, absolutely fabulous illustrations and are a great addition to your bookshelf!

10. Hannah Gruen has taken care of Nancy Drew since her mother passed away. The Drews' housekeeper has not only kept the home fires under control, but has given Nancy endless love and support throughout the famous sleuth's life and numerous adventures!

11. Blueberries for Sal is another title by Robert McCloskey that delights its readers with the simplicity of the time period and humor of picking berries with a mama bear and baby bear that are big fans of the juicy fruit as well!

12. Mrs. Bennett had five daughters in a time when it was the responsibility of mothers to take care of the house, complete chores and keep track of their daughter's possible future husbands! Talk about a long to-do list!

Mrs. Bennett manages pretty well however, and maintains a lighthearted outlook on life as well as a sharp eye on the neighbors!

13. Mary Brown is a mom that didn't even think twice about opening up her home to someone in need- even if he was a marmalade-eating bear!

The Paddington Books are just delightful and the movies were fantastic too!

Super fun and lots of smiles and laughter await with both options!

14. Mama Bear is pretty calm for having to deal with missing breakfast, broken furniture and a neighbor's kid sleeping in the house! Kudos to Mama from The Three Bears for keeping it together during stressful times!

15. Franny B. Kranny's mom just cracked us up! We love how eventually she and the family just accepted the whole bird-in-the-hair thing and went on with the day!

Priorities people!!

16. Well, just because you're a vampire, doesn't mean you can't be a great mom! After all, Twilight's Esme (and husband, Carlisle) adopted five teenagers that were vampires! Not too many couples can say they've done that!

17. Look at that confident mom above from Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid books!

The author of the Wimpy Kid book series wasn't an overnight hit like many of us think. He originally wanted to be a cartoonist for a newspaper and had a lot of years, prep, dreams and work before the Wimpy Kid book series became the sensation it is!

We love inspirational stories!

18. Kanga from the Winnie the Pooh books is a sweet mom not only to her own little Roo, but looks out for Pooh too!!

20. Between running a farm and caring for Dorothy, Auntie Em is both a beloved aunt and a woman who is skilled at a multitude of things!

Whether it's checking on the chickens or keeping tabs on Dorothy, Auntie Em does it all!

20. Splat the Cat's mom is always nearby if needed by her three kitty children, and is always kind and cheery!

21. Grandma is a fun, understanding grandmother bunny to Max and Ruby!

She takes them on trips, tells great stories, and always knows just what to do!

Both bunny siblings Max and Ruby each wanted to make her a cake on her birthday to let her know how special she is!

22. Frances's mother is a big part of her many escapades and adventures! From helping organize the perfect outing to tempting Frances out of eating bread and jam every single day, her mother always seems have a good plan in mind!

23. Olivia's mom is one of the most patient mothers out there! Whether she's reading a bedtime story or listening to her daughter's dreams and ambitions, Olivia's mom keeps calm!

24. If it wasn't for Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother, we wouldn't have the fairy tale!

With a love for cookies and a cottage in the woods, Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's house seems like the perfect getaway - without the wolf, of course!

25. Lisa's mom takes her to the very store where Corduroy lives, and thanks to Lisa, Corduroy finds a happy home and friend!

Fun Fact: Don Freeman wrote the beloved book after losing his trumpet on a subway ride! He decided that a future in music wasn't to be and became an author and illustrator instead!

26. The Poky Little Puppy's mama is in charge of keeping all of her adorable and playful little pups in line! From digging under fences to sneaking dessert, looking after puppies is no easy job, but their mother is on top of it!

27. Peter Rabbit's mother gives a sensible warning before her little bunnies went out and about, and if only Peter had listened to his mama, he would've had an easier day for sure!

28. Mama Bear has been on many an adventure with her iconic bear family, and is definitely an impressive Mama!

She's calm, organized and efficient through the highs and lows of the Bear family's day to day dramas and trips!

Always ready with a tip or suggestion, both Papa and the cubs know they can rely on her sound advice!

Even when someone's in a sticky spot, Mama is there to get them back on track! Whether heading off on a remote vacation, or helping get the rest of the family to help with chores, Mama Bear does it all, and never loses her hat!

Had fun guessing the names of these fabulous moms and mother figures? Be sure to Pin this post so you can come back to it for all the books that these moms play such a great role in!

Well, there you have it! Just a few of the amazing moms and motherly figures in books! Did you guess them all?

Have a favorite mother or motherly influence from a book you love? Let us know in the comments below!!

Thanks for reading and Happy Mother's Day!!

April & Cenzia

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