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A Great Mother's Day Gift Idea + Pretty (and Free!) Printables!

These journals and printables make the best Mother's Day gifts! They are a wonderful way to find out more about mothers and grandmothers and make a lovely keepsake!

All about my mom Happy Mother's Day printable free

With Mother's Day coming up and talk of gifts and family filling our conversations, holidays are such a special time.

Here are 15 Special Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day and many of them are free!

If seeing your mom or grandmother in person is not in the cards this year, there are still ways to spend the holiday together! A phone call, Skype or even a family Zoom meeting is a way to get together- no matter the miles in between!

mother and daughter making a heart with hands

And to keep the conversation flowing, filling out some pages in an interactive journal like this one, while talking is a great way to reminisce, stay connected and relive some fond memories!

Mother's Day free printable All about my Grandma questionnaire

Last year my daughter and I purchased the Like Mother, Like Daughter Discovery Journal together. We both agreed it makes a lovely gift and fun way to share thoughts, ideas, memories and more for mothers and daughters!

Book cover for Like Mother, Like Daughter Journal has illustrated birds and flowers on the cover

There are so many fun prompts, lists and conversation starters in this journal!

From favorites, to dreams to bucket lists, this journal has 160 pages of prompts, questions, and more for moms and daughters to share!

mother and daughter Mother's Day meditating with cucumbers on eyes

Here is another version of the Like Mother, Like Daughter Discovery Journal that moms and daughters will have a wonderful time filling in and taking out to read in the future!

Book Like Mother, Like Daughter a Discovery Journal Mother's Day Gift

Many of us tend to stop reading bedtime stories as our kids get older. Over the years, Cenzia and I have read many, many books before bed, and one day it just changed.

I can't remember exactly when or why, but life just shifted a bit. I definitely miss it! (So, if you have a little one begging for a story, cherish the time!!)

mother and daughter sitting on the floor reading a book

If you miss the wind-down time and opportunity to spend those last few minutes together before the day ends, these journals are a sweet solution!

Throughout the years, we've done a fair amount of journaling before going to sleep - a great way to wind down at the end of the day and keep thoughts and fun memories in one place!

All about my Mom free printable for Mother's Day

I think the biggest part of the fun was picking a previous journal entry from the past and reading it to see what was going on in our lives at that time!

mother, daughter and granddaughter cooking together

Whether it was a special outing or just a quick trip to the store or going for a walk--- reading about it years later has been nothing short of special!

If you're not into writing paragraphs or too tired to think, these interactive journals are a great way to talk and share thoughts and memories without having to feel like you need to write an essay!

Mother and Son Journal cover Mother's Day gift

You can pick a page or topic and fill it out! No matter what the day held, you can end it on a positive note with highlighting a fun moment from the day or thought! We highly recommend it!

son giving mother a kiss on the cheek with gift bag on the table

These journals have prompts, questions, conversations starters and more! You can do them together or take turns.

Leave the journal someplace both of you frequent, or place it in your kid's room when you've written your part and she can put it in yours when she's done with her part. It's up to you!

Mother and son sitting at the breakfast table smiling

My daughter and I usually fill it out at the same time. Sometimes, we sit side by side covering our answers while we write them down, and then share them with each other. And other times we take turns writing and pass it back and forth. It's all good!

Now these journals are fabulous for Grandmothers too! Not only do they have stories and memories to share from their own life, but also from your parent's! You get a lot more memories to delve into and stuff to talk about!

Grandmother's Journal mother's day gift

Last year we purchased Grandma, Tell Me Your Story by Susan Branch. It was a fun way to find out things about that you never think to ask!

There are wonderful questions, places to put pictures, write down stories and recipes which make this a great keepsake! It also makes for great conversation starters over tea and dessert!

Grandmother and young girl on their bikes wearing bike helmets

Not getting together in person? No problem! Use these interactive journals or our free printables as a fun way to connect via a phone conversation, or if you're tech-savvy-- Skype, Facetime or Zoom!

Grandma Tell me your story Mother's Day gift birthday gift

Plain paged journals are wonderful as well for the limitless possibilities! If you have a mother or grandmother that loves to write or draw, journals are wonderful places to put these bits of creativity!

Grandmother and granddaughter washing fruit

Drawing, writing or jotting down thoughts are a lot of fun to revisit by yourself or with a partner!

We also put together a printable with Grandmothers in mind! There's so much to find out about Grandmothers and not only their favorites and memories, but their memories of your parent!!

Another great reason to keep a journal is for the health benefits! In doing some research for this post, I bumped into this very interesting article that outlines the benefits of keeping a journal!

Increased immune function, reduced stress and keeping your memory sharp are a few of the benefits to this easy and fun activity!

I love this pretty tree with hearts journal with simple, lined pages which is ready to be written in!

Journal with tree on cover with hearts as leaves

Free Mother's Day Printable!

Happy Mother's Day free printable gift questionnaire download

Just pop your email address in below and this free Mother's Day Questionnaire printable will come right to your inbox!

'All about my Grandma' Free Mother's Day Printable!

Happy Mother's Day free printable questionnaire for grandma

Want to do this activity with a grandmother? Here is an 'All about my Grandma' free printable questionnaire!

Fill in the form for it to come to your inbox!

Too many emails? You can also find both printables here!

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For more FREE Mother's Day printables, visit this post for DIY gift ideas and pretty customizable printables!

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We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and have found some good ideas and inspiration for making this upcoming Mother's Day an extra special one!

Enjoy! 🌷

April & Cenzia

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updated May 4, 2023 originally published 04/28/2020


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