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12 Homemade DIY Christmas Ornaments For Kids to Make (Perfect for Gifts!)

Whether you are looking for a handmade ornament for your own tree or to give as a special gift, here are twelve easy and inexpensive ornaments that are fun to make!

12 Christmas Ornament for Kids to DIY that make perfect gifts Pinterest Pin

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The holiday season is such a festive time! Whether you enjoy curling up and watching a movie (check out our 25 Family Favorite Christmas Movies), and checking it off on this Movie Bingo Printable or keeping the kids busy by getting ready for a New Year's Time Capsule, there are so many fun things to do!

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We really enjoy making Christmas ornaments and every year we have a lot of fun making memories and creating homemade art for the Christmas tree!

Handmade Christmas ornaments also make perfect gifts for family, teachers and friends!

12 Homemade DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids that make Perfect for Gifts!

1. Starbuck's Bottle Cap Ornament

12 DIY ornaments Starbucks Frappuccino bottle cap homemade Christmas ornament with Santa Claus and reindeer

Those Starbucks Frappuccinos that you can find in grocery stores are super yummy! The Mocha one is a favorite, but truly, we love them all!

Well, after accumulating a fair amount of the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles and caps, we started getting creative! Being that the creativity struck around the holidays, it was a natural progression to start thinking about Christmas ornaments!

12 DIY ornament Starbucks Frappuccino DIY ornament with Pottery Barn deer image

These Starbucks bottle cap ornaments are super simple to make, fun and the end result is simply lovely! The ornaments also take advantage of those holiday flyers and catalogs that fill the mailbox!

The above deer was from a Pottery Barn holiday catalog! See the complete tutorial here!

2. Cinnamon and Ribbon Christmas Tree

12 DIY ornaments Cinnamon Ribbon Christmas tree ornament DIY kid craft

A couple of years ago we started doing a little Christmas craft night with family and this Cinnamon and Ribbon Christmas Tree ornament was the craft we made! It was a lot of fun!

With cinnamon sticks, cut ribbon, a glittery star and a glue gun you can create this fun and artsy little Christmas tree!

We found our inspiration for this fun Christmas ornament and full directions here!

Don't be put off that the result may look a bit 'artsy;' it just adds to the charm!

3. Clothes Pin Ballerina

12 DIY ornaments Angelina Ballerina Christmas Ornament kid craft DIY

Angelina Ballerina was (and still is!) a favorite book character of ours! For many years the Angelina Ballerina picture books were on our coffee table, in our library bag and being purchased at the book store!

Angelina Ballerina Dresses Up book by Katharine Holabird

Angelina Ballerina Dresses Up is a fun sticker book with a fabulous story and illustrations!

As I sit and write this, my blogging partner (and daughter) is in her ballet class and I attribute her love of dance to the influence of that ballet-loving mouse!

Well, we purchased the Angelina Ballerina's Christmas Crafts book (still available, but a little harder to get) and had a lot of fun making many of the crafts and the Clothes Pin Ballerina was one of those cute ideas!

Angelina Ballerina's Christmas Crafts books

  • Wooden clothes pins (the old-fashioned kind) make up the body

  • Use marker or paint to add ballet slippers

  • Wrap tulle or wired ribbon to make the skirt

  • Chenille sticks for the arms and upper body

  • Three small white pom-poms are the head and mouse ears

  • Glue on seed beads for the eyes and nose

  • Add a little piece of decorative gold trim glued on (from JoAnn's) to make a crown!

Tip: Regular craft glue will work but hot glue will speed the process along!

It does take a little bit of time and patience, but the end result is very pretty and you can pin your ballet mouse ornament right on the tree or have her arm hold on! No hanger needed!

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4. Clothes Pin Angel

12 DIY ornaments Angel ornament with clothespin and lace DIY kids Christmas

If you had some wooden clothes pins left over from your Angelina Ballerina mouse ornament, you might as well try your hand at the angel!

  • I recommend starting with the face, JUST in case your kid slips and the face looks a little wonky - you can always turn it around and try again!

  • Using Sharpies, draw an eyes and a mouth on the clothes pin - lashes, nose and cheeks are extra. You can go simple with the 'closed eyes' expression and a simple mouth.

  • Wrap white lace trim from JoAnn's (there are PLENTY of options to choose from!) around the clothes pin and glue in place

  • Cut a small piece of felt for the hair, pick your favorite hair color!

  • Wrap a white chenille stick for the arms and torso

  • Twist a sparkly tinsel chenille stick for the halo

  • Craft wings and a bit of ribbon can be sewed or glued on and your angel is complete!

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5. Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees

12 DIY ornaments Popsicle sticks Christmas tree ornament with sequins DIY kids craft

Affordable and fun, these ornaments come together easily with popsicle sticks, sequins and a little glue! The trickiest part with making these Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree ornaments is cutting the sticks to the correct length.

We used a good pair of utility scissors to make it easier!


Popsicle sticks

Green acrylic paint

Brown acrylic paint (or brown magic marker will do as well!)


Glitter Glue

Ribbon, twine or yarn to hang


  • Cut popsicle sticks to length to be the tree branches (see photo above)

  • Paint the 'trunk' brown and the boughs green

  • Glue the green boughs to the base- 'tree trunk' and adjust to give the traditional tree shape

  • Glue on sequins, gems, faux pearls

  • Optional: add glitter glue as tinsel!

Green acrylic paint for the boughs and brown paint for the trunk will dry in no time! Decorate your popsicle tree with glued on sequins, gems, and pearls and add glitter glue for a tinsel-y look!

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6. Birch Wood Photo Ornament

DIY Christmas ornaments birch wood ornament DIY kids craft Christmas

These wood ornaments are a terrific way to capture and display a wonderful memory and revisit it every year while decorating the tree!

We just applied the photo right to the wood slice and left the photo intact rather than doing a photo transfer because we like seeing a really clear photo!

If you prefer the more rustic look, you can do a photo transfer method to remove the paper and leave just the image.

There are three ways to do photo transfers to the wood ornament, visit A Girl And a Glue Gun for steps for all three methods.

We chose the simple Mod-Podge application method because that worked best for us!


  • Wood slices

  • Photo printed out on regular paper

  • Mod Podge or other water base sealer

  • Optional: Glitter or really fine fairy dust glitter to make it look sparkly and magical!

Mod-Podge Method

  • Print out your photo on regular paper

  • Trim your photo to size using the wood coaster as a guide

  • Paint Mod-Podge on the wood

  • Place photo on the wood

  • Paint more Mod-Podge over the photo to seal

  • Optional: While wet, sprinkle diamond dust or glitter to give it some holiday shimmer!

Wood slice Christmas photo ornament DIY kids crafts

7. Popsicle (or Cinnamon) Stick Reindeer

12 DIY ornaments Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Christmas ornament DIY craft

Years ago when I was teaching music, one of my third grade classes surprised me with a Popsicle Stick Reindeer ornament during the holidays and I was so touched!

They had made one of these ornaments for every one of their teachers, the staff, principals and to bring home as gifts for their family. Every year I hang it on my tree and remember them!

Years later I did the same craft with my daughter's Girl Scout troop (yes, I was the troop leader!) and the girls loved it!

12 DIY Christmas Ornaments Rudolph the red nosed reindeer popsicle stick DIY Christmas ornament craft

You can put this reindeer ornament together with popsicle sticks as the base or go fancy and use cinnamon sticks! They're a little trickier to secure with the glue, but they smell wonderful!

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer with the toy elf from the movie

Popsicle sticks, googly eyes, a red pom pom for a nose, and brown chenille sticks for antlers will be held together nicely with craft glue --or hot glue if you are short on drying time!

Red and green markers for decorating aren't necessary but make a nice touch!

A bit of red ribbon or twine makes a perfect way to hang your Rudolph ornament!

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8. Snowman or Rudolph Ornament

rudolph the red nosed reindeer DIY kids craft Christmas ornament for gift

These clear ornaments are terrific for kids' Christmas crafts!

We loved how they looked for a Rudolph ornament and the snowmen were so cute! This is one of those crafts that truly is as easy as it looks!

  • Fingerprints make the body for the snowman and face for the reindeer.

  • Paint on details with a small brush

  • For Rudolph a small red pom pom glued on makes the perfect nose!

  • Paint on some white falling snow or fill with white fill (beads or faux snow) for some winter ambiance!

Fingerprint snowmen Christmas ornament DIY craft photo from That's What Che Said

Visit here to see a full tutorial for the Snowmen Ornament from That's What {Che} Said (above!)

Tip: If there is a painting mishap, you can quickly wipe off the paint before it dries and give it another go!

These clear ornaments are great for crafting- acrylic paint sticks very well to them and you can fill them with fun bits to make a themed-ornament as well!

We purchased ours at Michaels, here are the same ones we used!

9. Spoolie Snowman or Winter Fairy

Wooden snowmen and fairy Christmas ornament DIY kids craft gifts

These Spoolie ornaments are a lot of fun to make! We actually made them ourselves and had enjoyed it so much we used them for a birthday party craft one year as well!

Essentially the wooden spools and chenille sticks along with a wooden bead make up the body and the chenille stick loop at the top of the head doubles as a hanger!

Mini jingle bells aren't necessary but are a super fun addition for a little holiday jingle!

Snowman Materials:

  • Black chenille sticks (2)

  • Wooden bead (head)

  • Wooden spool (body)

  • White acrylic paint

  • Black acrylic paint

  • Orange bead (nose)

  • Black button (hat brim)

  • Small jingle bells for the feet

For the Snowman:

  • Paint a wooden spool (body) and wooden bead (head) with white acrylic paint

  • When dry, paint three black buttons on the body with black acrylic paint and

  • Add two dots for eyes and more black dots for the mouth

  • Fold a long black chenille stick in half

  • Thread a good sized black button through the 'legs' of the chenille stick -this will be the hat brim

  • Leave enough of the loop through the head - this will be part of the hat and also the hanger for the tree

  • Twist that hooked chenille stick by the button to hold everything it in place.

  • Thread the two ends of the chenille stick through the bead/head and twist at base of head to hold it from slipping.

  • Thread two ends of chenille stick through spool/body and twist at bottom of spool to hold it in place.

  • Thread the each of the two ends of the chenille sticks through a jingle bell (these will be the feet!)

  • Take second chenille stick, at mid point wrap around area and make the arms

Spool fairy DIY Christmas ornament kids craft gift

For the Fairy Spoolie

The Fairy Spoolie is made pretty much the same way as the Snowman,

Fairy Materials:

  • Chenille stick - your favorite color!

  • Wooden spool

  • Wooden bead for the head - we found beads with faces like these!

  • Lace trim- or other felt or fabric scrap - enough to wrap around the wooden spool be be a dress

  • Doll hair

  • Mini Jingle Bells

  • Decorative card stock for the wings

  • Craft glue or hot glue

  • Glue dots recommended for the doll hair application

  • Optional: Glitter glue


  • Paint the spool/body - color of choice and let dry

  • Cut wings out of card stock and decorate with glitter glue and let dry

  • Wrap spool/body with lace or fabric and glue in place to make the dress

  • Fold chenille stick in half and thread through top of head/bead leaving enough for a loop at top

  • Twist chenille stick at top of bead to hold head in place

  • Thread chenille stick through body/spool and twist at base of spool to hold it in place

  • Thread little jingle bells onto ends of chenille sticks and bend tips to hold them on for feet

  • Glue wings onto the back of your fairy and let dry

  • Glue doll hair onto head using glue dots- use as much as you like, but be careful! It gets frizzy easily!

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10. Beaded Snowflake

beaded snowflake Christmas ornament DIY craft kids

Whether you have a fan of Frozen or Frosty to keep busy, these sweet little beaded snowflakes will be the perfect craft to add some sparkle to your tree!

Great for groups, fun for friends, or just to craft solo, these are super easy to make!

  • Twist three glittery chenille sticks into equal lengths (at the cente)r to make the basic six point snowflake shape

  • Slide beads of choice onto the chenille stick to add color and sparkle

  • Be sure to bend the end of each snowflake point to hold the final bead on

  • If desired, add a ribbon or hook to hang the snowflake. These will sit easily as is on a tree even without a hook or ribbon.

11. Do You Want a Sew a Snowman?

Snowman felt Christmas ornament DIY kids craft

With a little bit of sewing skills, kids will delight in making these charming snowman ornaments!

Full the full tutorial click here and scroll down until you see the felt snowman ornament!

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12. Mitten Ornament

Mitten Christmas ornament DIY kids craft holiday gift

If you have a cookie cutter in the shape of a mitten, that will make this DIY very simple!

If not, no worries, just print and cut out (or draw) a mitten shape onto stiff paper to use as a pattern.

  • Cut two pieces of felt in the using the mitten pattern and with right sides facing in, sew around the mitten leaving about and one and a half inches open to put in the stuffing

  • Turn mitten right side out and fill with stuffing (polyfill)

  • Sew up opening

  • Sew or glue a strip of faux fur to make a cuff.

  • Optional: sew or glue on little buttons or sequins to add a little extra!

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Well, there you go! Plenty of fun and easy ornaments to make for your own tree or to gift!

We'd love to see photos of any of your handmade ornaments! Be sure to tag us at @mykidzbookshelf if you post!

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12 Christmas Ornament for kids to DIY Pinterest pin with Rudolph Red Nosed Reindeer

Have a favorite ornament you've made? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!

April & Cenzia

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