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Top Twelve Most Popular Posts From 2019

Our Top Twelve Most Popular Blog Posts from 2019!

Well, 2019 was a great year for us!


We enjoyed reading lots of fab books, creating our way through almost all of our treasure trove of craft supplies, taste-testing recipes, and traveling to a number of fun places, museums, beaches and everything in between!

We also were so excited to be able to launch our Blog, My Kidz Bookshelf, this past June, which has been so much fun, a lot of work, and an amazing adventure so far!

Here are our readers' favorite posts from the past year. Take a peek and find out if your favorite is on here!


Possibly one of the most Instagram-worthy trips we've ever taken! So amazing to see so many hot air balloons launch during this fantastic way to begin fall ! We enjoyed experiencing and photographing the hot air balloon fest, and would highly recommend attending it!



Books make fantastic gifts! We went through a lot of books to find the perfect titles to recommend! Our best books for great gifts list includes a combination of popular bestsellers, timeless classics and award winners!

Entertaining and enchanting, suspenseful and funny, there's something for every young reader on our list!



The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art was one of the most popular highlights of our many trips to museums last year!

Designed to appeal to all ages, a trip to The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art is always a delight! The exhibits appeal not only to kids, but to anyone interested in beautiful art.



The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Riddle of Ages by Trenton Lee Stewart is the latest installation in the series that captivated both kids and adults alike! Reynie, Sticky, Kate & Constance are back! Joined by a new member, the Society must once again band together to solve problems, outwit villains and keep out of the way of danger!



Seas the Day at Martha's Vineyard!

Martha's Vineyard is such a gorgeous island, and it was so fun to relive our mini vacay there last August when we documented our travels on the blog! Aren't these gingerbread cottages the cutest?!



The Mermaid by Jan Brett

All of Jan Brett's books are amazing, and The Mermaid was one that really caught our eye! The brilliant illustrations and terrific redo of a classic fairy tale will be a hit with mermaid lovers everywhere! We had a great time including fun extras and activities to enjoy once you've reached the last page in this top post!



Well, as a part of our blogging adventures, we like to not only read and review books, but also craft, make the occasional recipe, and go on trips whenever we can! You'll have a newfound appreciation for bottles after reading our post!


Next up on our most popular posts lists, we have...


We know lots of people who enjoy a little enchantment and magic to fill the pages, and these books will put a spell on you for sure!

Read our full post for the whole list of fantasy filled adventures you won't wish to miss!!



So glad our Guacamole Recipe made it into our most popular posts -but not surprised! It's such a fabulous and delicious recipe everyone should try it at least once...or every day! We always keep avocados on hand to make this healthy, simple and well-received dip! Tortilla chips plus our Go-to Guacamole Recipe=best snack ever!



We're big fans of The Serafina Series, and when we found out that a fourth one had been released, we were so excited to read it! Like the previous installments in the series, Serafina and the Seven Stars by Robert Beatty has a winning blend of fantasy, history and suspense that pulls you in from the very first page! ( I read it in two days!)

The gorgeous cover art will draw you in, and the tantalizing plot will keep you there!



Well, if you're looking for some great books that have boys as main characters, here they are! They feature boys as the main characters, but girls love 'em too! This post has a variety titles ranging from action to mysteries that will make gift-giving or your search for that perfect read so much easier!



And we have in our #1 spot...well, we love dogs, and it seems our readers do too! Our corgi-themed post was a hit! Who doesn't love their furbabies, right?! :)


So, there you are!

Our blog's Top Twelve from 2019!

We're so grateful to each of our readers, subscribers, and followers here on our site and on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook for supporting and sharing our blog!

We're looking forward to all the blogging adventures that 2020 has to offer!

What do you want to see more of on Travel? Book reviews? Recipes and Crafts?

Let us know in the comments below!

Hope you're having a fab start to the new year!

Cenzia :)


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