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25 Best Gifts for Guys that were Recommended by Men- Gifts They Really Want!

Need some gift inspiration for your guy? Here are 25 ideas that make great gifts for the men in your life!

Pinterest Pin 25 Best Father's Day Gift Guide Ideas Gifts for Guys special men in your life

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Father's Day, Birthdays, holidays - there are plenty of gift-giving opportunities throughout the year to show the men in your life how special they are!

Father and son making pizza in the kitchen 25 Best Gifts for Guys that were Recommended by Men- Gifts They Really Want!

We (the bloggers here at My Kidz Bookshelf) have no problem finding gifts for one another! We share a lot of the same interests and know what the other one likes! So, nope, gift-giving is never a problem!

Father and son playing video games sitting on the couch man and boy

But, for the husband/father of the house, that's another story!

He has particular tastes - which seem to change with the seasons - and it has taken us a while to finally figure out what gifts he loves!

daughter giving dad a princess makeover

Now, we didn't stop there. Every guy is different, so we have consulted with and gathered gift-giving intel from a variety of guys - each with their own set of hobbies and interests!

scrabble game piece tiles spelling out Amazing Dad for Father's Day message

One of our observations that we have noticed is that guys like to eat, they like to relax and they like to play!

So, given that information, we have focused on those suggestions to get you on your gift-giving way!

Read on for some ideas and inspiration to help find that perfect gift!

Father's Day Gift Guide Pinterest pin with gifts for guys ideas

You can ask my husband/blogging partner's father what he wants for any holiday or birthday and his number one response!

He loves to eat, he enjoys some special snacks, a good lunch or dinner you name it! From preparing a burger on the grill to heading out for a bite to eat, food is his favorite!

father standing by grill cooking holding spatula

His favorite gift this past year (which was actually a genius discovery by our nephew who did the research and the buying) was a subscription to LOL Jerky. This was a big win in the gift-giving arena!

Beef Jerky All Natural Craft Delivered Highest Rated LOLJerky

Have a guy that loves to eat or trying new things? Consider a subscription to LOLJerky! USA made, handcrafted and sourced from small farms, LOLJerky has a variety of subscription plans for every taste and budget.

Want to go with a one-time gift? Check out the Mancrates! These people are super smart! They offer a huge variety of crates delivered straight to your special guy!

From the ever-popular edible-themed varieties like the Exotic Meats Jerky Gram to the more edgy (no pun intended) Knife-Making Kit there is something for every interest at Mancrates!

Does your guy enjoy kicking back and communing with nature? Consider a fire pit, or City Bonfire if in need of a portable fire pit option!

25 best gifts for men father's day mens birthday gift guide

This survival kit and all in one tool will make perfect gifts for the guy who likes to be prepared when heading out for a hike or overnight camping excursion.

Dad playing with son pushing him on a skateboard

Whether your guy listens to music, watches movies or listens to the radio audio books, he may be searching for a great pair of earbuds.

These bluetooth earbuds check all the boxes! Great sound, comfortable, trendy, terrific quality and a good price make this the perfect choice!

Whether your guy is out enjoying a sporting event, trying to catch some fish or hitting the golf course, he will have no problem staying hydrated with this one-handed operation travel mug.

With over 100,000 positive ratings, you can't go wrong! (We also have two of these in the house and they work very, very well!). Hot or cold, it holds the temperature and never a worry about leaking.

Know a golfer? Who doesn't! It's a popular sport and has a pretty hard-core following!

Golfer taking a swing 25 best gifts for guys father's day gift guide

We have a couple of golfers in our family and I know they love these monogrammed golf balls and enjoy a subscription to magazines like Golf Magazine or Golf Digest.

Golf hand grips are also very popular and useful. Even one of our family members who is not into reading keeps his latest issue of Golf Digest on the living room coffee table!

Father and son with photo booth props mustache, glasses

Have a runner in the family? If the guy you're gift hunting for is one, he'll appreciate a subscription to Runner's World, along with a gift card to a sports store to pick out some running gear.

pinterest pin 25 Best Father's Day Gift Guide Ideas Gifts for Guys special men in your life

Want to give a personalized gift for Father's Day? A Book About Dad is fun for kids to fill out and give as a gift, or dads and kids can fill it out together after a brunch or BBQ!

A book about Dad with words and picture by me Book Cover Workman Publishing red background with star

Round out the gift with a coffee mug and your guy's fave coffee, or a gift card to his fave bookstore.

Another personalized gift they'll love? Photo books or a favorite photo to display in the office or at home are small yet super fun!

Know your guy's looking to stay cool in the summertime? These Arctic Cool shirts are comfortable, good quality and have super great reviews!

If you're looking for other summer-ready gifts, a Hydro Flask and this well-made cooler are perfect for camping, a beach day or whatever else he has planned this summer!

Yankees stadium baseball new york city sports players on field getting ready to bat

Searching for a sports fan? He'll be thrilled to receive a new shirt and baseball hat with his team's logo, and pair it up with tickets to a game to really make it memorable!

Got a guy who's into exercise and weight-lifting? The Perfect Push Up, weights and these resistance bands are all winners! This hand exerciser was on the wishlist of the dad/husband to the bloggers here!

Man running on treadmill inside of a gym

Want to kick back after a workday or workout? These Oofos slip-ons are designed to help your feet and back, and are used by athletes and many others, and all have been very satisfied!

If you're sending a present, or just know a guy who loves a certain take out spot or sit down restaurant, a gift card to his go-to eatery or a new place to try out will be used and enjoyed.

Hope you enjoyed this collection of gifts for guys of all interests!

Be sure to Pin this Post to return to it whenever you're in need of some gift-giving inspiration!

25 Best Father's Day Gift Guide Ideas Gifts for Guys special men in your life

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Post updated 06/10/2023 Originally published 06/17/2021


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