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25+ Ideas for Things to do While you Stay at Home! ...for the Kids and You!

If you've got to be stuck at home for a little while, at least it's during a time when we have access to so many things to watch, do and learn!

All of us- kids, teens and adults- need to keep our minds and bodies healthy. Whether you are keeping up on schoolwork, want to stay amused or trying to stay fit, here's a list that's got you covered!

Read on for a whole bunch of ideas and inspiration that are great for kids, teens AND adults!

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1. First and foremost, make a bucket list! Write down all those projects you've been wanting to do, books you've been meaning to read and recipes you want to try!

Not sure what to put on your Stay at Home list? Well, read on for tons of inspiration and ideas that will make the time fly!

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2. If there was ever a time to catch up on that TBR list of yours, it's now! Don't have anything good to read at home? Download a book or two, or 300,000!

Click here to find a good read! The New York Public Library offers access via their SimplyE app! Check your local library's website for more options!

3. Listen to a Book! Too Busy to sit down and read? Busy catching up on chores or want to give your eyes a break? You can still fit in a fantastic story!

This site has books to listen to... from kids' books - to classics!

If you have an Eric Carle fan in the house, you can click here to see this amazing author/artist read The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

4. For Kids: Check out this big list of children’s authors Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities


Tap into your creative side! There are plenty of crafts to be made with materials you can find around the house!

5. Make a Matchbox Craft! - Decoupage images to customize your petite artwork or get more involved and Make a Mini Matchbox Dollhouse Dresser!

7. Another simple and easy craft to make is a Keepsake Box! - See here for how to Make your own!

8. Have an Artistic Teen in the house? This website rounds up an incredibly large amount of DIY ideas for your teen- all in one spot!

I really liked the Drawing DIY ideas - it had a great mix of subjects to appeal to all interests!

9. Yes, he's got crazy hair, but he can really paint! Visit the man who'll keep you calm while painting on! 403 Episodes of The Joy of Painting starring Bob Ross are there to keep you relaxed while painting!

10. If you have a future hair stylist in the house, then this site is the perfect one to scroll through! It has every hairstyle imaginable!

11. Love the look of watercolor art ? Learn some basic watercolor skills with this amazing artist's how-to! Once you've gotten yourself started, try her simple flower tutorial! Easy and pretty!

12. It's never too early to prep for Easter! Salt Dough Easter Eggs are a fun, hands-on activity for all ages!

Do some Creating in the Kitchen!

13. Breakfast is the meal that kickstarts your day! Quick and Delicious Smoothie Breakfast Bowls are the perfect answer! Top yours with granola, fruit, nuts or even chocolate chips!!

14. Chocolate anyone? Try these Morning Mocha Balls! for a no-bake quick breakfast or snack!

15. Love no-bake recipes? No Bake Chocolate Biscuit Cake is an easy way to satisfy that dessert craving! If you're in the mood for sweet beverage, whip up some Frozen Hot Chocolate, Serendipity style!

16. Need a savory snack? Guacamole not only tastes amazing, it is a delicious way to fit in healthy fats and immune-boosting garlic!!

17. Got a baker in the house? If you're in the mood to bake something delicious and customizable, try these Scones! So, so good!

Just Play!

Here are some more great ways to spend the time while staying at home! Fun to do with your family or by yourself!

Try finishing a 1,000 piece puzzle, making something sweet, and more! These ideas will keep everyone entertained and make some fun memories too!

18. Puzzle Time! Love jigsaw puzzles? This puzzle company has a fantastic selection and great quality!

Find a few puzzles that look fun, choose which to start with first, and let the puzzling begin!

19. Break out that Board Game! Did you know when kids were asked to recall their fondest childhood memories, the most popular response given was playing board games with their family?

Here's a great place to check out the best board games to play!

20. Make your own Time Capsule! Super simple and fun, find out how to DIY your own Time Capsule here!

Plus, print out a couple of these Time Capsule Questionnaires to write down favorites memories and more!

21. American Girl fans can check out the characters, play games and read some of the books at their site!

Plus, American Girl also has DIYs, crafts and more fun on their YouTube channel! Take a look!

22. Learn and Play! These Nancy Drew video games have great storylines, puzzles, classic characters and bring you to exotic locations to add up to be the perfect video game!

23. The Exit Game - An interactive Video game like those Escape Rooms - but the Stay-at-Home Version! This is on our list of things to do! Great reviews and for ages 10 on up.

24. Minecraft - A hit with kids that teaches everything from reading and math skills to creativity and problem solving.

Move & Groove!

Here are some ideas for keeping your body moving while staying at home... and have fun doing it!

25. Ballet - Kathryn Morgan is a former soloist who danced with The New York City Ballet and has wonderful YouTube videos!

I Want to Look like those Yoga People!

26. We love Yoga With Adriene! Sometimes she does yoga with her dog hanging out next to her.

We started doing it together when Cenz was 13 and she is our go-to Yoga gal! She's quirky, fun and always delivers a great Yoga workout!!

For yoga and the Elementary-school-aged kids, check out this site! Super cute and imaginative ways to get kids working out and relaxed!

27. Okay, this guy is great! All ages, all fitness levels and kinda funny! Check out The Body Coach!

Travel, Watch and Learn!

Worried those brain cells won't be getting the workout they deserve? There's more than one way to see the world and keep up on those academics!

28. Love to Travel? Well, virtual tours are a great way to rescue you during your Wanderlust downtime! Here's a site with a lot of great Museums!

29. There are many zoos and aquariums that have live cams and virtual field trip experiences. Here's one that is very popular! Visit the New England Aquarium!

30. Watch and Learn! Netflix is great for binge-watching your fave show; it's also great for learning a thing or two! Click here for a list of 150 educational shows on Netflix!

31. Anybody remember those Schoolhouse Rock Videos from when you were a kid? Yup, you can still watch them! Which one do you remember? "...I'm just a bill...!"

32. Missing visiting those Art Museums? Us too!! Luckily Arlene's Artist Materials, one of our favorite art supply places shared this link to a list of 12 World Class Museums and Art Galleries on their Face Book page!

We're looking forward to doing some virtual globe trotting and visiting some great works of art!

33. - Every course, every level - 100% Free!

34. Brain Quest Decks - These are great! They're like a trivia game, but tailored to specific grades and subjects. Pre-school-8th grade!

Circa 2014!

35. Virtual Rides at Disney World! That's the only way you're getting us on a rollercoaster!!

36. Last but not least... the obvious yet often forgotten choice is to Get Outside-- but BE SMART! Follow the rules and recommendations that are put in place for your area to keep yourself and others healthy!!

Fresh air and sunshine are so important for feeling good and staying healthy!

Walk, bike, play hopscotch, jump rope, throw a ball, break out the hula hoop, walk the dog, walk the cat if it's willing!

There's no substitute for listening to the birds, getting some exercise and feeling the sun on your face!

37. Did all the above? Then make sure you take pictures and make your own photobook!!


April & Cenzia


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